How to request desktop website on iPhone with Safari on iOS

iOS 7 Safari (app icon, large)

Don’t you hate it when visiting a website in Safari on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad takes you to a crippled mobile version rather than the full desktop experience? Thankfully, iOS has made it a cinch to load up desktop versions of websites you deserve.

The ability to request the desktop version of any website has long been available in Google’s Chrome browser for iOS. Thankfully Apple has conveniently brought this time-saving feature to Safari.

Still, a lot of folks are oblivious to its existence as Apple appears to have gone to great lengths to burry that feature deep inside Safari’s interface. But iOS now makes it a lot easier to load up a desktop version of any website on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. As this tutorial attests, it is now dead simple to skip those skimpy mobile websites and go straight to their full desktop versions.

How to view desktop version of a site in Safari on iPhone or iPad

1) Open Safari on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and visit any website that has both a mobile and a desktop version.

2) Once the site loads, tap on the aA symbol located at the leftmost side of Safari’s URL box.

3) A menu will pop up with an option to see a desktop version of the website in its full glory. Choose Request Desktop Website to load up a desktop version of the original.

Safari Request Desktop Site iPhone - updated

Tip: As shown above, you can go back to the mobile site anytime using the same action and selecting Request Mobile Website.

How to always request the desktop site in Safari

Maybe you’d like to request the desktop website every time you visit a site in Safari on iOS.

1) Open Settings and select Safari.

2) Tap Request Desktop Website under Settings for Websites.

3) Enable the toggle for All Websites under Request Desktop Website.

Safari Request Desktop Site Settings - updated

It’s important to note that requesting a desktop website doesn’t always work as intended on each and every website. For instance, some websites might switch you to their enhanced mobile edition rather than to the full desktop version.

Know that web developers have the tools at their disposal to override your preference and I’ve seen a fair share of websites that pop right back into mobile mode.

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