Episode 81: Sebastien and Cody finally join the jailbreak party after Pangu for Mac is released. We discuss a ton of new jailbreak tweaks, the future of jailbreaking, and much, much more.

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  • Nick

    Has anyone noticed that if you use the old tv lock animation in Springtomize 3 when you play music it will sometimes cause the device to freeze on the lock screen. This always results in having to reboot.

    • mrnbkhn

      Yeah I can trigger it myself if I want.
      I have LockGlyph installed and VolumeNotifier.
      On the lockscreen, if I repeatedly tap the up or down volume button and then try to unlock my device with Touch Id it freezes.
      In my case I’m using the blur effect and when it freezes, the screen becomes dark and blurred…

      I’m experiencing a lot of bugs with this jailbreak. For instance, every toggle in my Control Center is off. If I press on one, the toggle is switched on but then when I swipe the Control Center down, I can see the toggle switch off.

      Both Chrome and Safari also stopped working for no reason, since today… Dunno why tho.

      WTH is going on with my iPhone? T-T

  • E Double

    Hey, Jeff noted a little while back that there were some inconsistencies with regards to Apple Pay and the jailbreak. Are there any known issues to date? Has anyone tested?

  • Thomas Schroeder

    Are there no live shows anymore or did I always miss them ??

    • No we haven’t done a live show in a while. It’s technically a bit of a challenge and doesn’t really provide any additional value to our listeners. We may do it again in the future, but there is currently no plan to do so.

  • Jorge Cabral

    Hey guys, unrelated but don’t know where else to ask this…
    I got a new iPad Air 2 and have jailbroken it.
    I then activated the touch ID and since then, it does almost like a bootloop.
    When I reboot, the apple logo appears then disappears after about 10 seconds. Then it reappears and disappears agains. It does this from 1 to 3 times and ven eventually the iPad boots completly. Sometimes it doesn’t do this and just reboots normally. Does anyone have this problem?
    Do you think there is a risk of this eventually ending in a bootloop forcing me to restore?
    I did the jailbreak as explained with Pangu 1.2.1 and then restored from the iPad 3 backup that was on iOS7.
    Can anyone help?

  • Victor Molina

    Wow I’m listening to the first episode of lets talk jailbreak and wow what a difference now 81 episodes later in a good way

  • Jelke

    You can simply tap the slider in animation speed to specify the exact number 🙂

  • af0erster31

    Hey Jeff! Did you get bored of jailbreaking? You spoke very little…

  • Beck Hoefling

    I’m anticipating an Auxo 3

  • Can someone please tell me a tweak that works with iOS 7 to kill all apps at once from the multitask switcher? I’ve been trying to find a good one for a while now.

    • Victor Molina

      I think all the cc tweaks have a toggle to kill all apps

      Like ccsetthing cctoggles and others just search cc in Cydia (cc Is for control center just in case)

  • byronchurch

    Great show! I’m getting a FireTV friday can’t wait for Jailbreak link!!!

  • BoardDWorld

    Sebastien, have you tried using TOSLink from your Apple TV to the receiver? Using it is passthrough and won’t alter the sound level or quality at all.

  • It seems my battery has been affected by the jailbreak. Or maybe I’ve just been using my iPhone more than usual since jailbreaking…

    • BoardDWorld

      You’re correct, Thanks to the detailed battery info tweak & taking some screen shots at the right time you can see that there is a very significant drain on my 4S.

      From left to right or as the date/time progresses (all with battery saver optimisations) there is; without jailbreak, with jailbreak & UntetheredHeySiri & lastly jailbreak without UntetheredHeySiri.

  • Chocolatewe

    Sebastien has tage! i love him!!! <3

  • footballcop18

    Apple TV 3G has optical audio out which I use 24/7 and also you said to give a reason to have the benefit of having apple tv over “kindle”/fire tv 🙂 and my response to that is I have iTunes Match and love listening to my music cross-platform (iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Mac without airplaying) so that alone is enough reason for me to keep it and the iPhone 6 Plus mirrored to the Apple TV 3G is amazing.