How to add pull-to-refresh to Safari in iOS 8

SafariRefresh Featured

For a large screen device like the iPhone 6 Plus or even the iPhone 6, it takes some serious thought when designing apps. That’s because it’s much more difficult to reach certain part of the screen using one hand, so developers have to design their apps with one-handed users in mind.

But where such thought may be lacking, a jailbreak tweak can go a long way towards enhancing the usability of certain apps. That’s definitely the case with this latest tweak called SafariRefresh. It adds a simple pull-to-refresh mechanism to Apple’s stock web browsing app, and the result is a much more usable refresh function on large screen devices.

After installing SafariRefresh, you can begin using it immediately. Simply open the stock Safari app, and pull down on the screen and release to perform a refresh.

SafariRefresh contains no options to configure or settings to adjust, just install it and go. I highly recommend this simple jailbreak tweak to Safari users on Apple’s latest iPhone hardware. It goes a long way towards making the experience more pleasant for one-handed users.

You can find SafariRefresh free of charge on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. What do you think?