How to disable frequently visited sites in Safari

Disable Frequently Visited Sites

A new jailbreak tweak has arrived to let you disable the frequently visited sites section in Safari for iOS 8. It’s appropriately called Disable Frequently Visited Sites, and it works immediately upon install. If you’ve found Safari’s frequently visited sites section to be a little arbitrary and/or intrusive, you should definitely check this tweak out. Full details inside.

After you install the tweak, simply head to Safari, tap on the address bar to open up the favorites menu, and you should no longer see any frequently visited sites listed beneath your Safari favorites. I’ve always found the recently visited sites to be a bit peculiar. For example. I could visit a site just once, and sometimes it would appear there over sites that I’ve visited many times before.

There’s also a matter of privacy. Users don’t have any control over what appears there unless they browse in private mode, but that’s not always desirable. Instead, if you never want frequently sites to be displayed, this is your best bet. You can find Disable Frequently Visited Sites for free on Cydia’s Big Boss repo.

What do you think about this jailbreak tweak? Is it something that you’d consider using?