How to unlock Apple’s hidden battery usage menu in iOS 8

DetailedBattery Usage

Developer Hamza Sood, well-known for his innate ability to uncover hidden items in iOS, has discovered another hidden feature, and created a tweak out of it. Dubbed DetailedBatteryUsage, this new tweak allows you to unlock the hidden battery usage menu that Apple uses internally during development.

Want access to hyper-verbose details on your iPhone battery usage? Have a glance inside to see what it looks like on video…

Once you install the tweak, you’ll need to head to Settings → General → Usage → Battery Usage in order to find the additional details. As you’ll find, the hidden battery utility contains a much more detailed analysis than consumers find with the basic battery menu.

The general user many not find much of the information obtained by this hidden menu very useful, but those who are hawks with regard to battery life no doubt will. This tweak provides you with a hyper-detailed look into what’s using battery life, complete with line graphs.

Unlike the stock consumer battery usage menu, DetailedBatteryUsage allows you to view in-depth details on each app. Simply tap the app that you want to view, and you can discern battery usage in excruciating detail.

Detailed App Battery

You can even access detailed information on system daemons that are running, which is an area typically off limits to the every day user. Details on each daemon can provide you with even more verbose details about how your iPhone is performing with regard to battery life.

Detailed Battery Daemons

If you’d like to try out DetailedBatteryUsage, venture over to the BigBoss repo on Cydia, and download it today. You’ll need to be jailbroken on iOS 8 before you’re able to do so. If you’ve yet to jailbreak, be sure to check out our iOS 8 jailbreak tutorial for more details.