Surface Pro 3

Software giant Microsoft has begun airing three television commercials for its Surface Pro 3 tablet series. And rather than ridicule Apple’s iPad, the 30-second spots take aim at the ultra-thin MacBook Air.

Microsoft from the onset positioned Surface Pro 3, which features a keyboard cover and Windows/Office software, as a replacement for both tablets and notebooks and these new ads drive the point home.

Check them out after the break and meet us in comments…

Here they are.

From YouTube description:

Tablet or laptop? With the Surface Pro3, you get the best of both. The Surface Pro 3 has the power to run full Adobe Photoshop, Office and Windows. But unlike the Mac Book Air, it has a touchscreen, a pen and converts to a tablet. Don’t try that with the Mac.

I love the “don’t try that with the Mac” part.

This one is about speeds and feeds:

Sometimes the facts speak for themselves. Just compare the Surface Pro 3 to a MacBook Air. Both have the same storage and processing power. But only the Surface Pro 3 has a touchscreen, a pen and converts to a tablet. Surface Pro 3. The tablet that can replace your laptop.

And the last one, titled ‘Power’ and underscoring that the Surface can run real desktop-class software such as Adobe Photoshop.

And here’s Microsoft’s pitch:

A tablet that can replace your laptop? Take the Surface Pro 3. It’s lighter and thinner than the MacBook Air, yet it has the same intel Core i5 processor. And it also has a USB port, touchscreen and converts into a tablet.

The Surface Pro 3 as “the tablet that can replace your notebook” was firsts mentioned in the following ad two months ago.

I’m not sure that the Surface Pro 3’s pitch as being “not only a tablet, it’s really a laptop” will make much sense for normals who typically are in the market for either a tablet or a notebook, not necessarily a crossover device.

Anyway, how do you like these new ads?

  • Dontwannaknow

    Hmm… nice try. But m still not convinced. 😛

  • Saudor

    Being an owner of mbp & ipad, this does look pretty good. Competes well with the MBA with added flexibility

    • Except the price of the top of the range Surface is in MacBook Pro territory and I’m sorry but perhaps my fanboyism is showing here but I’d take the MacBook over the Surface any day.

      • Saudor

        The top of the line MBA isn’t exactly cheap either though…

      • The bottom line MacBook Air however is the cheapest Macintosh there is and is still a capable laptop. I have no doubt that the cheapest Surface 3 will also perform valiantly (if you can ignore the pitfalls of Windows 8) but it’s possible to buy a better laptop for less.

    • R4

      Yeah but it runs Windows 8.

      • That’s a complement as of 8.1.1…

      • Nonya Business

        Hehe not really

      • Prior to Windows 8.1.1, you’ll be reading from me stating that Windows 8 is crap on non-touch-equipped PCs and is totally fugly compared to Aero in Windows Se7en. Windows 8.1.1 changed my mind (copy paste):

        – Although it’s still lazy-fugly-flat compared to the Aero, the functionality of the Start Screen (which is now mouse and keyboard friendly) and Metro Apps replaced my needs for not just a Start Menu but also SideBar widgets AND docking software (like ObjectDock).

        – The new split screen multitasking feature saves me time when I want to multitask, as I don’t need to first “down-size a program’s window > drag it to one side > downsize another program’s window > drag it to the opposite side” in order to do side-by-side multitasking (e.g. b/w my browser, Chrome, and my pdf document reader/editor, Acrobat). Instead, if there’s a metro app that can open either of the stuff I’m multitasking with (e.g. Chrome in Windows 8 mode, or the Reader app), I just “drag it to one half of the screen” and I can multitask while the desktop app remains maximized to the desktop.

        – This one might sound kinda backwards; some apps in the Windows Store provide very basic functionality that I couldn’t see my self using my non-smartphone PC for in the past. For example, I began using Surface Pro as a bedside nightstand alarm clock (via the Alarm app), a radio (via the TuneIn Radio app), and a basic-task reminder (via the RemindMe for Windows app).

        – This might sound like a joke excuse, but the universal onscreen volume/brightness indicators make keeping track of volume, what song is playing, and brightness level very simple. Plus, it gives me the ability to control my music directly from the onscreen volume indicator, including at the lockscreen.

        – The new lockscreen wallpaper slideshow feature is great icing on the cake. It’s like a replacement for screen savers with the added benefit of having live time/date/weather/notification details at a glance.

        – Takes no longer to learn how to use it than it does to learn how to use Mac OS X after being a Windows 7 user. Took 10 minutes to teach parents the basics of using a Surface.

      • R4

        Yeah I have Windows 8.1 on my gaming pc (I had to get a touchscreen because of windows 8. Though 8.1 made it significantly better I’m pretty sure a lot of people here will still prefer to have OSX Yosemite + Bootcamp than just Win 8.1 with touch screen.

      • Tom

        Agreed 8.1.1 is better than 8.0. That isn’t the point. Mavericks (and Yosemite) take a whizz all over Windows and then some.

        Mac OS is so much easier to use and is really intuitive. I have used a Mac for a while now and I have never had to pick up a manual. The same is not true of Windows, especially Windows 8.

      • Mavericks (and Yosemite) take a whizz all over Windows and then some.

        I think any version of Windows since Windows XP is better than a Mac; no excessive baby-sitter restrictions, compatible with most USB/Wireless peripherals, offers the most amount of applications for getting stuff done, and most are free, especially the ones you’ll find on the Mac AppStore charging $50+.

        Mac OS is so much easier to use and is really intuitive.

        That no longer holds any water IMO. Mac OS X is a PITA to use due to all the excessive restrictions that just make my PC no longer personal. Read more here (http://zd net/1ps11OT).

        I have used a Mac for a while now and I have never had to pick up a manual

        I too have used Windows for 10+ years now and never had to pick up a manual. That was the case too with Mac OS X, just loads more restrictions that just make my PC no longer mine. In both cases, there’s a learning curve and I don’t think either of them were easier.

    • James Gunaca

      It’s the advertising doing its job. Nothing more.

  • Juan F. Aguayo

    Nice try
    It’s funny how Microsoft think windows 8 is better than OS X

    • Kenneth Lin

      “It’s like seeing a monkey on rollerskates. It means nothing to them, but it’s so adorable for us.”

    • Sean Cua

      But Windows 8 is better than OS X. But that’s all subjective.

      • Rowan09

        You can put it on a Mac if you want and you’ll have the best of both worlds.

      • And you can put Mac OS X on a Surface Pro and have the best of 3 worlds (Tablet, Windows Laptop, Mac Laptop)…

      • Rowan09

        Really they have it working right now?

      • Yes any high-end PC (Tablet, Laptop OR Desktop) can run Mac OS X in a virtual machine (youtube com/watch?v=ZVpp9RcSPMc)…

      • Rowan09

        Oh ok.

      • Virtual machine isn’t really running the OS though. The closest thing to OS X on a PC is hackintoshing and even then things like wireless, bluetooth, etc don’t always (in fact quite often) work out-of-the-box…

    • @sexyhamthing

      not to argue…. if you can deal with the horrid metro UX.. windows is far better than mac… but macs pretty… and looks great with a goddamned expresso .. starbucks…

      ahh if only there were some linux DX support 🙁

  • Wow these advertisements are so original. I wonder why nobody else has thought of attacking the competition? No wait lots of companies have done this and it’s all pointless and as far from original as is humanly possible. Microsoft needs to stop attacking the competition and actually show what’s great about their products. They need to let their products speak for themselves rather than relying on peoples ability to somehow assume that because Microsoft says it’s better than the competition it must be…

    • Matt Taylor

      You can see why they have to though! The whole world is under Apples spell and companies then have to spell it out… Apple Products Aren’t As Good As They Make Out! And that’s true! However, I have invested largely in the Apple ecosystem so I’m stuck… Also I don’t really like windows!

      • Rowan09

        How are they now as good? The iPhone is just as good if not better than any top off the line Android device and the Mac is just as good as any Windows device around the same price. What makes them not as good? By the way I believe you are paying more since Apple is also in the retail market.

      • Matt Taylor

        Not as good as “made out” to be… I want more ram in my iDevices and a retina touch screen on my MacBook to name a few!

      • Rowan09

        So you need a touchscreen MacBook for it to compete with others? The Mac already comes retina and I don’t see the need for a touchscreen laptop right now and that’s why I believe the Pro doesn’t sell well. The Pro wasn’t the first to blur the lines, the Sony VAIO UX which I owned was a full blown PC with a touchscreen and it didn’t catch on.

      • Matt Taylor

        That’s because it was windows

  • BreakingAwesome

    Still would not get it. Simply because mac is still more faster with flash storage and touchscreen and pen on a laptop is not the best. Our trackpad is great and can do a lot of great things. Also mac can run windows and pc, so double the apps and double the fun. Btw, apple does not force u to upgrade to the next version unlike window 8 to 8.1 which is mandatory if you want all the latest apps. their is no design change so why should we have to update, many normal programs cannot even run properly on windows 8.1

  • Umut Bilgiç

    Well as an Apple fan this gets on my nerves and it is kind of annoying. But one shall admit that it is kinda true :/

    Surface 3 Pro is a good advancement over the 2. Only if the price was not that “BALLIN” I would have considered it.

  • Hippo

    F**k Microsoft ,,, apple is better

    • Matt Taylor

      Narrow minded ignorant and childish response! Speaks highly for apple fan boys…

      • Rowan09

        Maybe he bought an XP laptop as his first Windows device. If I did I would probably say the same thing.

      • quitcherbichinn

        It’s not narrow-minded, ignorant, nor childish, it is his opinion. I agree with his opinion and my opinion comes from experience. I was Windows only for 13 years. I dealt with the BSOD and the freezes and the crashes and the failures through 95,98, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8….nothing but headaches, constant AV scans, constant adware scans, crashes, and slowdowns. Digging through 87 menus to find what you are looking for. No Thank You! I will never go back to Windows and I loathe when I have to use it for school or work. If you like it then that’s great and that is why this world is wonderful…free choice…the ability to make up your own mind about what YOU like.

      • Matt Taylor

        I completely agree with everything you just said and I hate windows as well! I don’t use it and never will again! You missed my point… The comment was childish and it makes Apple fans look childish!

  • tskwierc

    I think the air is still my preference, however I have been using at work a higher end version of the new surface for about two weeks now, and its hard not to like. It is as it shows very practical, and the pen works incredibly well. It certainly is easier when your employment makes the purchase. As a consumer the air or the mac book pro still is my first choice though.

  • N&LH

    Most of Microsoft ads are stupid

    • Better luck next time on giving a mature, non-ignoramus and constructive criticism…

      • N&LH

        I hope next time Microsoft makes better ads. Not stupid ads

  • Rowan09

    The Surface Pro line is not going to over sell well, if having a touchscreen and being a laptop is the selling point. Dell, Toshiba, etc make touchscreen laptops for a fraction of the price with more space. Consumers don’t see the point of purchasing a Windows PC tablet (that’s what most consumers will think) for about a $1000 base with a keyboard for 64GB. No doubt it seems like the Surface Pro 3 is a good piece of hardware (don’t own one so I can’t judge it), but the screen is still too small for a Pro device. My friend who’s a drafter bought a laptop and he said he needs at least 15-17″. Until Microsoft convinces people that a touchscreen Windows laptop IS the Surface Pro I don’t see them selling going after the competition.

  • Jason Baroni

    The only thing Microsoft can sell to me are the soundtracks from Nokia ads. And I buy it on iTunes.

  • Matt Taylor

    The funny thing about Apple fan boys is this… Apple are screwing you and you love them for it. This is why. The parts apple use are all chosen to maximise very large profit margins! They could easily put more ram in iOS devices, retina touch screens on MacBooks, larger more efficient battery’s on iPhones, but that would all eat in to their inflated profit margins! So really, they value their own pockets over their customers…. That’s you, fanboy that’s about to criticise my comment!

    • N&LH

      “arger more efficient battery’s on iPhones”..When the iPhone comes with a larger screen then the iPhone will have bigger battery

      “could easily put more ram in iOS devices”..I agree with you. However, the IOS devices are working really well. I still have iPhone 4S which comes with 512 memory the device working good.

      ” retina touch screens”…What is the point of touch screen in a laptop

      “Apple are screwing you and you love them for it”….It is up to you. Better than some companies you pay less and the device is shit.

      • Matt Taylor

        I haven’t purchased an Apple product since my iPad3. My 5S was free with my carrier. So I haven’t spent money on an Apple product in years, and I won’t until they improve and innovate like the competition! I do however still use iOS on a daily basis due to the amount of money I have invested in apps! I love my iPad to bits despite how slow it is and I await a true spec improvement before I upgrade!

      • Rowan09

        I have an iPad 3rd gen and I didn’t upgrade because it’s perfectly fine. What’s slow about it? What innovating are other companies doing making Apple look bad? The last time I check the 5s was if not the best on par with any top of line phone released.

      • Matt Taylor

        Try working on retina images on the photoshop app zoomed in, or running multiple music production apps with back grounding enabled then you will see what I mean! And even the iPad Air only has 1gb or ram and that is the main problem! Competition has much more, and they also have half decent battery’s on their phones! What Samsung said recently about iPhone users being wall huggers is so true! I’m constantly hugging walls, especially considering the length of the charging cable!

      • Rowan09

        You can’t be serious. Who does real music production on an iPad? I know music producers and you need tons of space for music production and that’s why people purchase Macs with tons of hard drive. The 3rd Gen is also a Retina display, the 2nd gen down is non-retina. The competition having more doesn’t mean it makes them better. I own a Note 2 as well, my wife owns an S4 and Note tablet. My iPad is faster than her Note Tablet and my 5s is also faster than her S4. The 6 should have more RAM but don’t act as if the competition is doing something innovative and the added RAM makes them better. In regards to the battery, I charged my 5s 7 Saturday morning to 100% went out for the day and didn’t charge it again until 8:30 PM at 30%. If I use my iPhone moderately the battery is fine but if I use it a lot I get about 5-6 hours. Adding a bigger battery isn’t innovative either, it’s an innovation when you use a smaller battery and get the same or similar time with a smaller battery. The iPhone 6 is suppose to have a bigger battery with a bigger phone so we’ll see how that goes.

      • N&LH

        “I won’t until they improve and innovate like the competition!”…Improve what??…In regards Innovation, what is the point you will not buy any Apple product until you see Innovation. So far we have not seen any groundbreaking product from “competition”

      • Matt Taylor

        I don’t need groundbreaking and I don’t need gimmicks like Touch ID! I just need more ram, a faster processor and a more sophisticated OS that is more open! That last one is finally starting to happen but not as much as I would like !

      • N&LH

        ” don’t need gimmicks like Touch ID!”..Touch ID mainly for payment and you can use for instead password when you want to login in.

        “a faster processor”..A7 is really fast and 64bits

        “more sophisticated OS”….Apple always keep their OS simple. IOS almost has everything. I don’t know what do you want in sophisticated OS

      • GuyWithTheThings

        If the iPad 3 is too slow, get an Air. Sheesh

      • Rowan09

        I don’t know what he finds slow about the 3rd gen. My wife has an Air and my iPad 3rd gen isn’t a slouch by any means. I’m going to do an app load comparison when she gets home.

      • Matt Taylor

        The air isn’t a big enough improvement in the areas I need it to be! IE, ram…

  • Joel Acevedo

    Its got a ton of specs, but sadly the hardware isn’t up to par with MBA. I work at Best Buy and the return rate on the Surface Pro 3 is the highest of any tablet or laptop combined. The Sofyware is not the issue, the lack of focus on hardware compatibility is. The screen would shut itself off or the batterry doesn’t hold. Microsoft hardware could never compeat with Apple’s (like XBox againt Playstation hardware)

  • Dimitrios Pandioras

    I think the Pro 3 is a great product, but their marketing department needs A LOT of work.

    • These ads are 100% factual and are very good IMO, better than their old dancing ads and baseless rants. All that is missing are local stores to offer the same local service as Apple does.

      • Dimitrios Pandioras

        Yeah, I agree that they’re better than their old ones. I just feel they should get over hammering Apple. Microsoft is a great brand. Show the people what it does without mentioning Apple.

      • Rowan09

        The price is what’s killing the product. While I get that’s it’s in line with the specs, most people will pay less for less, especially when there are tons of other true (traditional) touchscreen laptops.

      • I would pay less for ANYTHING when I have no idea of what it offers. That’s the good thing about ads; inform the uninformed.

      • Rowan09

        Yes that’s true but when other laptops with the same OS is for a fraction of the price with more space most people will opt for those devices. The normal consumer has no idea what they are buying and have no real need for a Pro device.

      • That explains why Microsoft partners with OEMs and justifies what Satya Nadella stated at the Surface Pro 3 event. They’re not trying to annihilate their OEMs, they’re just there to push the OEMs into building better products, and that’s exactly what’s happening. Consumers who don’t need the versatility nor power of the Surface Pro have cheaper options, thanks to OEM Partners.

      • Rowan09

        Yes that true. I just don’t know if there is a need for a touchscreen laptop right now. I’ll see if I can find how many touchscreen laptops sold over traditional on the web.

      • There wasn’t any need for touchscreen phones when the iPhone was unveiled…in fact people disliked most of the ones that on the market at that time. A touchscreen laptop is a minor improvement, but 2-in-1s are the way things are heading now; no more carrying around a laptop and a tablet.

      • Rowan09

        What do you mean no need for touchscreen phones? The Windows mobile phones were touchscreen and very popular as well as the Palm Treos. The iPhone made a new kind of touchscreen phones without the need for a stylus. I don’t know if hybrid machines are the way of the future because only Microsoft is doing them and they are not selling well. Everyone does not have a need for a touchscreen laptop.

      • They have dozens of ads that do just that. One of them is posted in the article. I think its better to have both types of ads for products; one shows what’s cool about the product, the other shows hopw the product compares to the competition.

      • N&LH

        “All that is missing are local stores to offer the same local service as Apple does”….Microsoft only have Xbox one and Surface. I don’t think it is worth it to open stores

      • They sell loads of other PCs and PC accessories from their OEMs (with the advantage of them being bloatware free) on their online store as well as thier Best Buy sectors. Having a dedicated store for those would inprove customer service and their PR.

  • theasiantechnist

    Why’d they use kpop in the head to head ad? We’re in Murica

  • Freddy Born

    i got my ipad air jailbroken with zaggkeys keyboard and a bt mouse. i can launch apps with custom key commands(beekeyboatd), have awesome battery life, can produce music with lots of daws and my real insgruments and can play some games and lots of emulators. and i can even use it as a tablet. i am fine.

  • camelwalk

    I have been Mac user almost my whole life. I recently purchased a sp3 and I have been blown away with what I can accomplish with it. It’s not that it’s just a tablet/full desktop, the touch screen works pristine. The ability to work under a complete OS with USB was a selling point for me. I have yet to be stumped. I can add external drives, as well as run OS X in VMware. Aside from the price this is a no-brainer for me. I hope to see some sort of touchscreen tablet from apple running full OS X in the near future.

    • Rowan09

      I don’t think Microsoft proved the market yet for Apple to make an OSX tablet yet, but who knows once they do it, it becomes popular.

  • Chris Longden

    Just take my money now….!!!

    Then refund me in a few days when i bring it back….

  • Jife66

    Ok Microsoft, here in the uk it will cost £850 for the 128gb i5 version, then an extra £110 for the keyboard/cover, then £45 for the “pen” and another £65 for the power supply. £1070 in total, and to top it all the wonderful experience of using Windows 8, are you f******g kidding me ?

    • Uhm, like EVERY other computer, it comes with it’s own power supply and the pen is included…plus you’re paying $170 for a Type Cover ($130) and a 64GB MicroSD card ($40)
      $1150 for a 64GB iPad ($700 for tablet aspect) and a Large digitizer drawing board ($450 for pen digitzer aspect)

      Quit being a mindless hater…

      • Jife66

        In what way am i a mindless hater ? I take it in MrElectrifyer world no one is allowed to express their opinion ?
        The prices i quoted are taken directly from the Microsoft UK website, Ok remove the figure i posted for the power supply and you still get the grand price of £1005.
        Why would i spend in excess of £1000 ( thats pounds sterling not us dollars ) on a tablet that runs the awful Windows 8 ( again, MY opinion ) when i could have a 13 in. Macbook Air 256gb i5 for less than £1000 ? And guess what, no extra charge for the keyboard, and a FAR superior os. ( yes my opinion ) and yes i have used and still use Windows 8 in my day to day work.
        Yes i am an Apple fan, i make no apologies for that, don’t really care if you do not agree with MY OPINIONS, suck it up and get back to your Windows security updates.

      • By expressing disgust based on dingbat-logic, you’re being a mindless hater. You complain about the price of the product, yet you clearly don’t know what comes in the package, hence why you were adding the stand-alone price of products already included in the package. Without those ignoramus additions, it’s £960 for the 128GB Surface Pro 3 n the Keyboard or £1220 for the 256GB Surface Pro 3 n the Keyboard. Throw in £30 for a 64GB MicroSD Card.

        Compare that to your £1000 256GB 13MacBook Air (which actually comes with 4GB of RAM, add £80 for 8GB of RAM) + £550 64GB iPad Air + £300 Large Digitizer Drawing board.

        Being a fanboy doesn’t mean you have to be a mindless hater, and it’s no excuse for being a mindless hater.

      • By expressing disgust based on dingbat-logic, you’re being a mindless hater. You complain about the price of the product, yet you clearly don’t know what comes in the package, hence why you were adding the
        stand-alone price of products already included in the package. Without those ignoramus additions, it’s £960 for the 128GB Surface Pro 3 n the Keyboard or £1220 for the 256GB Surface Pro 3 n the Keyboard. Throw in
        £30 for a 64GB MicroSD Card.

        Compare that to your £1000 256GB 13MacBook Air (which actually comes with 4GB of RAM, add £80 for 8GB of RAM) + £550 64GB iPad Air + £300 Large Digitizer Drawing board.

        Being a fanboy doesn’t mean you have to be a mindless hater, and it’s no excuse for being a mindless hater, so…

      • Jife66

        Amazing how quickly you Apple haters turn nasty, just because my opinion is not the same as yours you resort to name calling and adding childish pictures to try and add weight to your argument.

        An opinion cannot be wrong regardless of what you think.

  • Jonathan

    The last ad is pretty convincing. I like the split screen, but I really feel iOS 8 (or 8.1) will have that feature. Apple just needs to make an iPad Pro (12 inch device) with a killer processor to take on the million pound applications.

  • sosarozay300

    all their ads are the same, touchscreen, detachable keyboard, stylus

  • Nonya Business

    I own a surface pro 2, and I want to switch back to a MacBook here’s why. The only thing the surface pro can’t do that a laptop CAN is actually be used on your lap comfortably. It’s a joke that they market it being better than laptops because it’s a 2 in 1, but it can’t function properly when it comes to the main selling point of a laptop, the ability to use it on your lap anywhere. It’s extremely uncomfortable, and trying to type with the keyboard on your lap as well causes the surface pro to tilt back and forth on the kickstand and in most cases for me, causes the surface to collapse on itself because it tilted to the point where the kickstand threshold to close is. Now don’t get me wrong here, I love the fact that It has a touch screen, it makes browsing the web a lot easier for me, but the cons out weight the pros for me, and that’s why I am switching back to a Mac.

    • Uhm, tough luck for you, I’m currently on a 10 hour journey and have been using my Surface Pro 2 on my lap for 2 hours now…

      • Freddy Born

        you must be fat then =)

      • Sure, ’cause that’s the only way you could think of balancing a bar on your lap…very smart.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Tablet is collapsing, kudos to MS for innovating. i would gladly buy a SP3 over a MBA or ipad. Once a 5.5 iphone is released theres no reason to buy an ipad.

  • Nathan Kalish

    Surface hardware is good, but I just don’t like Windows. ANY version of it.
    (Almost) Anything Unix is much better.

  • rasiquiz

    I would rather write with a pen on paper than I would write with a pen on a Surface…

  • Tim Farris

    ya but the thing is that windows users still hate windows 8 its a huge learning curve

  • Sothearith Eng

    I still preferred Mac’s Trackpad rather than Big Heavy touch screen on my hand……

  • James Gunaca

    Microsoft is on the path to tight hardware & software integration which is a good thing. Say goodbye to the Dell’s/HP’s/Lenovo’s who put out shit hardware with mediocre software.

    Microsoft realizes they are in trouble and can’t rely on hardware vendors to pick up the slack. I hope they continue to innovate and move the computing era forward.

    That said, love my Retina MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone and wouldn’t want a “do it all device” like a Surface Pro. But a Pro iPad with attachable keyboard that runs OS X? You betcha.

  • James Gunaca

    Surface Pro 3 – 256GB – i7 + Keyboard & Touch Pen + Office (1 yr only): $1,808

    MacBook Air – 256GB – i7 (comes with keyboard, no pen, and free iWork forever): $1449

    So, Microsoft, you’re even losing on price + a better OS experience on OS X than Windows 8.

    • James Gunaca

      You could almost afford a refurb iPad or an iPad Mini in the mix and then the price is comparable.

  • Warren L Shafor

    My MBP has i5 & 8 gigs maxed ram running a SSD can’t say & it’s faster then most Windows lol gotta love the Apple <3