Microsoft targets MacBook Air with three new Surface ads

Surface Pro 3

Software giant Microsoft has begun airing three television commercials for its Surface Pro 3 tablet series. And rather than ridicule Apple’s iPad, the 30-second spots take aim at the ultra-thin MacBook Air.

Microsoft from the onset positioned Surface Pro 3, which features a keyboard cover and Windows/Office software, as a replacement for both tablets and notebooks and these new ads drive the point home.

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Here they are.

From YouTube description:

Tablet or laptop? With the Surface Pro3, you get the best of both. The Surface Pro 3 has the power to run full Adobe Photoshop, Office and Windows. But unlike the Mac Book Air, it has a touchscreen, a pen and converts to a tablet. Don’t try that with the Mac.

I love the “don’t try that with the Mac” part.

This one is about speeds and feeds:

Sometimes the facts speak for themselves. Just compare the Surface Pro 3 to a MacBook Air. Both have the same storage and processing power. But only the Surface Pro 3 has a touchscreen, a pen and converts to a tablet. Surface Pro 3. The tablet that can replace your laptop.

And the last one, titled ‘Power’ and underscoring that the Surface can run real desktop-class software such as Adobe Photoshop.

And here’s Microsoft’s pitch:

A tablet that can replace your laptop? Take the Surface Pro 3. It’s lighter and thinner than the MacBook Air, yet it has the same intel Core i5 processor. And it also has a USB port, touchscreen and converts into a tablet.

The Surface Pro 3 as “the tablet that can replace your notebook” was firsts mentioned in the following ad two months ago.

I’m not sure that the Surface Pro 3’s pitch as being “not only a tablet, it’s really a laptop” will make much sense for normals who typically are in the market for either a tablet or a notebook, not necessarily a crossover device.

Anyway, how do you like these new ads?