OS X Mavericks DP4 Setup

Earlier today, Apple announced that this year’s OS X update would be free for the first time ever to current Mac users. That’s right, as long as you have a compatible Mac computer, you’re eligible to get OS X Mavericks for free.

The update is a big one, bringing about several UI changes, new applications like Maps and iBooks, and a number of new features like Finder tabs and tags and quick reply for messages. And it’s now available for download…

If you’re still on the fence about Mavericks, despite the fact that it’s been made totally free, you might find some of iDB’s coverage on the update useful. We take a look at new features, the new apps, the design changes, and more.

For those that are ready to make the leap, you can find Mavericks in the Mac App Store for free. As usual, make sure to one, back up your computer, and two, ensure all of your most-used apps are Mavericks-friendly before you update.

  • @ArturCudi

    i want a new iPod Shuffle

    • chumawumba

      I’m surprised they haven’t killed the Shuffle yet.

  • Guest

    Yay 😀

  • David Gitman


  • Liam Mulcahy

    I’m so glad it’s free

    • Nadir Khan

      Ohoo yeah i am posting it from mavericks

    • Dany Quirion

      why? is 20$ too much for you lol?

      • James

        No, but free is better.

    • Justin

      Oh yeah, and since I just bought my new macbook, I got iWork for free!

  • You guys are so blessed to have a macbook :((

    • chumawumba

      Pcs suck

      • Carmelo Garcia

        unless if you buy parallels then you can have windows on a macbook pro;) best of both worlds

      • iOops

        Not necessarily, if you run OSX on it – OSX Mavericks is a great upgrade and am still puzzled why it’s free. The multi-monitor and desktop updates alone are worth a few bucks.

      • siddique

        upgraded to mavericks….mac became slower…

      • queen_ir3ne

        Same.. and scrolling is painfully slow

      • siddique

        yeah ,,,and scrolling through apps its hang a bit…
        how to downgrade to mountain lion??

      • iOops

        Weird. Personally, I found at least a 30% boost in many areas, especially video related. Benchmarks, and games work much better than before (even though they ran great already in ML). I would recommend checking out your mouse and scrolling preferences especially if upgrading

      • Guest

        Weird. Personally, I found at least a 30% boost in many areas, especially video related. Benchmarks, and games work much better than before (even though they ran great already in ML). I would recommend checking out your mouse and scrolling preferences especially if upgrading.

      • Dany Quirion

        when will you play BF4 full ultra performance on a mac?

    • bigtalk

      yup i saved alot for mine and i sell very 3 years so i can pay less for the new one..

    • Steven Cannan

      Dual boot Hackintosh I think I miss spelled that :p

    • Jonathan

      I’m with you. Stuck on a PC. But once I can buy a Mac, I’m never, ever, ever, ever *2 minutes later* ever, ever, going back.

  • Kuba

    anybody knows how to change apple ID assigned to Mavericks GM when I want to download Mavericks from MAS with my ID?

  • Ali

    Servers are slow

    • Yujin

      Well duh!! Only millions downloading

    • illK†Δ

      I get 45mbps download, Mac App Store is saying a consistent 20-25 mins 🙂

  • Gustaf

    Do i have to backup my computer or is it just a extra safety caution? Will i lose everything if i update without backing up?

    • solai

      No need to backup. It won’t delete anything. Backup with time machine if u like

  • bigtalk

    whats the point of this and will it break my apps that are working perfectly now?

  • illK†Δ

    Good thing it’s free. Doesn’t have enough features to cost anything. Or at least features I would use.

  • 4pp1e

    stack at 995 mb says it calculating oh dear o dear it take ages

  • Frustrated ATV3 user

    XBMC doesn’t work with Maverick now

  • Carmelo Garcia

    I already Download it @ 12:15 and installed @ 1:30 and its Ok OS.

  • Jarryd Richards

    I hope they bring out a USB version like they did with Mountain Lion. I really want it but I can’t download it because it is almost half of my monthly allowance. 🙁

    • Alberto Martinez

      How can that be if its free?

      • Jarryd Richards

        What do you mean?


        he probably means the internet bandwidth

      • Alberto Martinez

        Yeah that makes sense, cause I was thinking how can Mavericks be half of his monthly allowance if Apple is giving it away for free.

  • Wamid

    Is the Adobe CS5 suite compatible with maverick??! Anyone confirm?

  • Ray Toro

    I’m shocked at the improvement I’ve gotten in battery life on my 15″ 2012 Retina Macbook. Also anyone who owns a Retina knows about the poor scrolling performance on heavy webpages (The Verge, IGN). This has really been improved. I am genuinely surprised at how responsive my computer feels now.

    • siddique

      thats what I’m suffering too ,with my mid 2012 macbook non retina…
      my mac became too much slower…

  • James

    “Free is good.” Yes it is.

    • Jonathan

      Yep. In ya face, Microsoft.

  • Mert B.

    I’ve just found a way for updating from GM to Final version.

    Well I downloaded Mavericks from torrent, i tried everything to update final version. And finally this way is working!!!

    1) launch Mac App Store and leave it alone
    2) launch finder go to system/library/core services and open SystemVersion.plist
    3) try to change something in system version and it’s going to say you have to create another file. click on OK.
    4) open new file. change version to 10.8 in the 2 bottom lines.
    5) now save it. your new file will be in documents. copy it
    6) go back to Core Services. change original SystemVersion.plist file to whatever you want. then paste you new file here( don’t forget to rename it as SystemVersion.plist)
    7) go to App Store. click on the ”BIG MAVERICKS BANNER ON THE TOP” then click free.
    8) it will ask you to enter your id information.
    9) and now it should start downloading
    10) when it starts to download, quit from App Store
    11) replace systemversion.plist file with original one. if you don’t do that you can’t launch App Store.
    12) now launch App Store and go to purchases. resume download if needed!

    boom you have mavericks’ final version

    feel free to iMessage me : benmertburge@me.com

    • Luca

      Thank you SO MUCH!

    • ɑղժɾҽա

      Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for a tutorial for this all over the internet since yesterday!!!

  • Yash Gorana

    I’m continuously getting “An error occured” after a few MBs of download. *sigh*

  • siddique

    mac became took much slower after upgrading too mavericks :”(
    29mb graphic is such a very bad idea….

  • Rick Hart

    installed last night!! all i have to say so far is awesome!!! battery life way better and seem to be running a lot faster than ML. like it did when i was on lion.

  • Johhny Q

    Will i be able to read my James Bond books that I downloaded from Cydia on Mavericks?

  • Allen Greathouse

    But my question to you is: if i have a windows computer right now and I want to dual boot this would it still be free for me?