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Apple thus far has shared some interesting business stats (such as 1 million apps on the App Store, 60 billion app downloads and 64 percent of iOS devices on iOS 7, to mention just a few), announced that OS X Mavericks will be launching later today as a free download, confirmed that the new Mac Pro pro desktop is due in December starting at $2,999, shown off the new 64-bit versions of iWork and iLife apps for the Mac and iOS with full file compatibility across these platforms and refreshed the new 13 and 15-inch Retina MacBook Pros with faster PCIe storage, Thunderbolt 2 I/O, fourth-generation Intel chips, both also available today at more affordable prices than ever.

And now onto the main thing – the new iPads. Say hello to iPad Air.

What’s an iPad Air?

iPad Air Flat

It’s your fifth-generation full-size iPad, rebranded for the new age to reflect its dramatically improved design. The device still has a 9.7-inch Retina display, but also includes the 43 percent skinnier side bezel, iPad mini style.

iPad Air layers

At just 7.5mm, the iPad Air is 20 percent thinner.

It’s also substantially lighter (28 percent lighter, to be precise) compared to its predecessor. at just 1.0 pound versus 1.4 pounds for the previous-generation product, the iPad Air is it’s the lightest iPad in the world, period.

It’s powered by the Apple-designed 64-bit A7 chip that just launched with the iPhone 5s and also contains the M7 motion coprocessor to track your movement in a battery-friendly manner. In addition to CPU/GPU speeds gains, the A7 chip also allows for improved still image and video capture with faster auto-focus, up to three times video zoom, five times still zoom, better dynamic range and automatic image and video stabilization.

iPad Air 1 pound

Graphics performance is 72 times faster compared to the original iPad and 3D rendering is two times faster over the iPad 4. As for CPU performance, the new iPad opens apps twice as fast though I should mention that customers will start seeing some substantial speed increased after developers optimize their apps for 64-bit computing.

iPad Air A7

The three times faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi networking is also inside this new iPad Air – it’s the first iOS device with MIMO (Multiple-In-Multiple-Out) wireless technology. On the cellular front, the new iPad Air benefits from the expanded LTE support we’ve seen on the iPhone 5s.

On the downside, there’s a five-megapixel iSight camera on the back that captures 1080p video versus the eight-megapixel shooter the rumor-mill has been hoping for. Out the front is the improved FaceTime HD camera with improved backside illumination sensors featuring larger pixels for better low-light performance.

Luckily, the iPad Air still delivers the ten-hour battery life the previous models are famous for.

The tablet also has dual microphones for better reception and improved Siri performance. The iPad Air comes in Silver and Space Grey finishes – no, there’s no gold colorway – and starts at the same $499 for the 16GB Wi-Fi configuration ($130 extra for the cellular variant).

Pad Air intro price

The 32/64/128GB Wi-Fi variants are $599/$699/$799 (a $130 extra if you need cellular).

The 16GB iPad 2 Wi-Fi remains on sale for $399.

Apple said the iPad Air will start shipping on November 1 in a few dozen countries, including China.

Reiterating the original pitch – “our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price” – Tim Cook said the iPad has gone on to become one of the most successful products in Apple’s history.

iPad Air availability

Cumulative iPad sales have topped 170 million units this past month, he said while jokingly remarking that even some of the doubters are now building tablets.

The iPad is great because people use it and love it – it’s rated #1 in customer satisfaction and is used four times more than all of the other tablets put together, said Cook The Numbers Guy.

Finally, there are 475,000 high-quality apps created specifically for the iPad, of the one million applications on the App Store.

It’s hard to compete with that and it’s no wonder that Apple has sold 170 million iPads in three years time.

So, your thoughts on the new iPad?

  • Trevor Salmon

    NO TOUCH ID!!!

    • Max Kas

      You don’t need it on an iPad

      • Trevor Salmon

        why wouldn’t you need it?

      • Windy Joseph

        I agree with you, why not put it on a ipad, that can withhold the same amount of info as your phone.

      • slikmystar

        so they can save it for next year ;(

      • Max Kas

        It makes sense on the iPhone. Isn’t really a “need” on the iPad. More of a “want”.

      • Dan

        I disagree, the iPad can contain confidential files/emails like any computer, would of made sense to have touch ID. You’re more prone to leave your iPad lying around than your phone.

      • Donglemecurious

        I read a comment on Ars that pointed out it may be a limited component right now, so they didn’t further constrain the 5s supply by adding it to the new iPad.

        I think it would be useful on the iPad and was disappointed it wasn’t included in this round.

      • jason

        Lol. It’s funny people think touch ID is safer than passcodes.

      • Dan

        No it’s a question of convenience. I often leave my devices unlocked since I don’t want to bother with passcode. So fingerprint is better than nothing.

      • andy

        that’s true.

      • Barnez Hilton

        well then you are a security risk to yourself

      • Dan

        no doubt, doesn’t take away from the fact it would be good on iPad

    • Braydin72

      Watching on my iphone but it seems to me the home button on it is not vgisable, like its been photoshopped out….

    • jocastro

      iphones are the number 1 targets for criminals, thast why they did the fingerprint scan, to lessen theft

  • Taf Khan

    iPad Air Rocks!

  • -.-


    • Taf Khan

      Watch the stream on apples website!

  • Taf Khan

    No gold!

  • Micaiah Martin

    8x more cpu power…..HOLY SHHHHHH****TT

    • bigtalk

      lol iPad 4 is already a beast

      • @sexyhamthing

        as far as apple products go as being beasts 😛

  • Yash Gorana

    Thank you Apple for black color, no touch id, no gold.

    PS – I am a big fan of touchid and gold, but apple knows that professionals use iPad A LOT !

  • Taf Khan

    Why would Apple continue with ipad2?? And why would anyone want an iPad 2 for $399… It’s not even Retina.

    • felixtaf

      iPad 4 is discontinued then???

      • Taf Khan

        Yep. It would seem so.

      • felixtaf

        Could have sold iPad 4 for 399$. Its more powerful than iPad 2 and it has retina.. Wat to do… Its Apple!

    • Donglemecurious

      For education sales, most likely.

      • Kurt

        Good thinking

      • Taf Khan

        Fair point but the price is way too high for old tech. It’s not worth more than $250. After all you can get an iPad 4 refurb from Apple for sub $400.

      • Kurt

        Absolutely the price is beyond ridiculous. I agree with your price point too. Last years iPad mini only going down 30 bucks is another ridiculous pricing. I wish the iPad/iphone/iPod touches had optical stabilization.

        Can’t wait to get my iPad Air

  • Windy Joseph

    I swear whenever Johny Ive speaks, he makes you want to obtained whatever product he’s talking about. Lmao

  • hkgsulphate


  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    Come on Apple, you could have done better, you should have done better

    • Siddharth Desai

      How so? Not trying to pull your leg, but just curious.

      • SkyFall

        Well they could add Touch ID (since it has the 64-bit A7 chip), 8 MP Camera with Flash, Slow-Mo (Again because it has the A7 64-bit chip).

      • felixtaf

        Seriously… U r going to hold an iPad to make photos/videos?

      • SkyFall

        Having a better quality camera is always good. also you would be surprized how many people where I live use their tablets to take videos/photos.

      • Hugh Jassol

        Absolutely, when appropriate.

        Why have a camera then?

      • Ignacio Irigoyen

        Do not get me wrong it is very nice, I know, but I think is missing some little thing, like better camera, touch id (as I work with and ipad intend of a laptop for me this would have been great), AC wi-fi, and a better processor than iphone.

        Now, I do not know, it feels like without much effort they could have done something nice, great.

      • Cesar D

        iPad as laptop? It is better than a laptop, that’s because nobody buys Surface. Touch ID? If Touch ID isn’t there, is because they have considered it a lot of times, i think that you will do the same after considering it. Better Camera, you’re saying so? Megapixels aren’t coming better everytime because we don’t need them better. Just when the image fits it’s ok, and you can take great photos with, just like an iPhone (no way exactly but similar)

        Enjoy what they have done or do something so, but not just come here and critizice.

      • Siddharth Desai

        I see where you’re coming from. I use my iOS device for corporate email and their policy requires a passcode. I don’t like having pass codes on my device, so having TouchID would be nice.

    • Kurt

      Did you not fall for their trick of praising themselves throughout the whole event? My wife kept saying, “Stop praising yourselves.” lol

      • Ignacio Irigoyen

        You know, I do not think this is a bad thing, if you are truly the best, saying so is a fact and not “praising themselves”.

        If Usain Bolt comes to you and says “I’m the fastest men alive” you have to agree.

  • Taf Khan

    Bring on the Mini Retina pls..

    A7… It’s gonna rock!

  • Taf Khan

    Haha… This made me laugh!

    I need an ipad mini retina.

  • Markus Hudobnik

    So when does it go on sale? Is there a preorder? Or what

  • leart za jmi

    one month later, come out Samsung Galaxy Hot air balloon 😛 😛

  • Shadowlink


  • Muzammil Peer

    When they introduced iPad Air I was thinking there’s a Pro version coming up. When they didn’t I was then thinking of the “One more thing”…. which of course didn’t happen. Apart from the lack of touchID i think it’s still a great product.

  • Wait….There’s one more thing…..

  • ameloli

    no innovation, even if i’m a big fan of apple. Very poor keynote… It will be a PS4 for Christmas

  • Jeremy

    I’m disappointed with the iPad Air. There should have at least been a feature that was exclusive to it and the retina mini. :/

  • soccerkrzy

    Seriously, what is with designers making things thinner? I’d prefer the same thickness, but with the smaller components pack the thing with battery and boom, 24+ hour battery life.

    Also, way to not add Touch ID just so you can add it the next time around…seems to be Apple’s M.O. these days.

    • Dan

      I was thinking the same thing

    • jason

      Apple’s M.O these days? Didn’t they build their company off of incremental upgrades? Just like every other tech company? haha

      • soccerkrzy

        Other tech companies don’t intentionally leave something out of a product just so the next upgrade can have it. Other tech companies incrementally upgrade products with NEW tech that has been developed since the original product came out. Really isn’t a hard concept to grasp here, you could take off your little Apple glasses.

  • Mohammed Sahib

    Air? “rebranded for the new age to reflect its dramatically improved design” and to make way for the future iPad pro with larger display. It is so clear that I am surprised no one mentions it!

  • Donglemecurious

    I’ll wait another generation for touchID and a better camera. Maybe a 12″ option will get introduced then.

  • jose carlos

    These assholes raise price of mini because it sells more.The ipad 5 still won’t touch way over price 2nd mini sales that’s why the don’t have actual date for mini because they want to push air sales.

  • Keith Green

    I don’t think it’s needed on the phone.but I was going to install my ipad in my dash and it would’ve been nice and useful to have incase somebody wanted to steal it.they wouldn’t even be able to turn it on.smh. Apple never disappoints top disappoint.

  • awesome i like it

  • harry bimasakti

    Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan…. As usual they skip my country, Indonesia on the list

  • Apple needs to price these more appropriately. The prices are so high it make a 747 airplane jealous.

  • @sexyhamthing

    needs to be heavier…. i felt kind of nervous using a 5th ipod… its just… too light…. a nice case fixed that up though 😛

  • @dongiuj

    So, where dies “air” come into it?

  • Jason

    Well none of the above has convinced me to get rid of my iPad4 in favor of the Air, I will admit I had my eye on the Retina mini but not at that price I’m sorry Apple but I’m sitting this one out..

  • Matthew

    Correction: There is no ac in the iPad air.