Tim Cook announces 64% of iOS devices are now on iOS 7, other stats

Tim Cook biggest iPhone launch

Apple’s highly anticipated iPad event is now underway, as Tim Cook has taken the stage to get things started. That means we are just moments away from seeing the new iPad, iPad mini, and other goodies.

Like clockwork, Cook has kicked things off this morning with the usual barrage of company milestones, sales figures and other important stats. We’ve collected the most interesting stuff for you after the fold…

  • 64% of iOS devices are now on iOS 7
  • More than 20 million iTunes Radio users
  • Over 1 billion songs played on iTunes Radio
  • Over 1 million apps on App Store
  • Over 60 billion app downloads
  • Developers have earned over $13 billion
  • More than 170 million iPads sold to date
  • iPad has 81% of tablet usage share (no source for data)
  • 475,000 iPad specific iPad apps in App Store