How to create auto-reply Messages on your iPhone

By , Jul 11, 2013

How to customize auto-reply 4It happens to me all of the time. Someone calls me when I can’t answer the phone for some reason. It’s not that I don’t want to talk. It’s that I can’t talk. Maybe I am interviewing someone, or maybe I’m at a show and the music is too loud. Auto-reply is my savior for situations like that. I can quickly send a text message that will let my friends and family know that I am unable to answer their call, but am able to respond through text.

You can customize up to three different auto-reply messages at a time. Whether you are in a meeting, out to dinner, or in a no cell phone zone, you can let your caller know that you can’t talk at the moment.

We’ve got a basic how-to tutorial for those new iPhone users that haven’t yet figured out that they can send a customized auto-reply. For that matter, this tutorial is for users that didn’t even know there was an auto-reply feature…

First off, let me explain to our readers who are new to the iPhone how to use auto-reply. When someone calls you, take a quick look at the screen. You will see three buttons: Answer, Decline, and a phone icon. Touch and drag the phone icon upward to see the auto-reply feature. There are three default messages that you can choose from. If you don’t like the ones Apple gave you, customize your message by following these simple instructions.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Phone > Reply with Message.

How to customize auto-reply 2

Step 2: Tap on one of the default messages.

Step 3: Type in your own message. Repeat for all three.

How to customize auto-reply 3

Step 4: Tap the “Phone” button at the top left of the screen to save the new messages.

I like customizing my auto-reply to say funny things, like “Can’t talk right now… I’m pooping,” or “Can’t talk right now… I’m practicing fire-breathing.” Of course, you should have at least one appropriate auto-reply message in case your mom or boss calls. Although, my boss would probably think it is funny. Right, Sebastien?

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  • ze_rusty

    So much free time :3

  • John Vijay Solomon

    Is this reply sent as an imessage? cos i always get an error when i use this.

    I am jailbroken and have bitesms installed.

    • gruhu13

      for me it works with imessage if the the calling number has iMessage – else its sms

      • John Vijay Solomon

        it tries to send as an iMessage even for users who do not have it. and it stays as a failed iMessage. Doesn’t try sending as an sms

  • RarestName

    I’m still looking for a tweak that automatically sends a message when I fail to pick up.

    • Mitchell Edward Allen

      That’s what I thought this article would be about. This is more manual and less automatic than the title suggests it would be.

  • J™

    sometimes, people dont pick up not becos they cant talk but they dont want to talk




    but it does not work on my iPhone 4S

  • A Dempster

    This is *NOT* ‘AUTO-REPLY’ – this is MANUAL REPLY via two steps involving manual selection of a pre-entered message response. True Autoreply not even possible in IOS7 (widely criticized for this failure) – is only possible with iphone jailbreak and BiteSMS or similar (or Android phones – a favourite feature!) :)