Welcome to episode 3 of Let’s Talk Jailbreak. In this episode, Sebastien and I discuss iOS 6.1.3, Apple’s perception of jailbreakers, the previous week’s jailbreak tweaks, how we met, a sleeper jailbreak tweak, an update on the progress of the podcast, and much more.

Like last week, this week’s episode again takes into account some of your suggestions. For instance, some of you will be happy to find a brief introduction to the podcast. Take a look inside for the iTunes links, direct download links, and more.

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  • Always enjoy listening. Maybe you guys can get other people on the show too?
    Perhaps other iDB crews or developers from jailbreak community

    • Yes that’s always been part of the plan. However, before getting people on board, we want to make sure we get the ball rolling and everything figured out. We’ll have guests on the show soon 🙂

  • I’ve really been enjoying your podcast! Please keep them coming!

  • Gil Roman

    Only been listening for a few minutes. If apple DOESNT hate Jb’ers then why disable the ability to downgrade?

    • Damian W


    • Mohammad Ridwan

      Very good point!

    • Juhweetwelwie

      In order to fight fragmentation. I think that that Apple likes the jb community more then they hate it, but doesnt let the world know that because, jailbreaking is the easiest way to mess up your device.

      • falce… you can always restore to factory working conditions very easily

      • Ashley

        what do you mean? even restoring your phone to factory conditions, won’t you have to upgrade it to the newest software?

    • I can see one main reason why they would do this.

      They want to make sure everyone is running the latest and safest iOS version. As explained, they often release iOS updates that come with security updates. This is a way to make sure everyone has the safest operating system and avoid a PR fiasco.

      To illustrate this, let’s take the example of the auto industry. If Ford makes a new car and after a few weeks they realize there is a problem with the car where the Air Bag doesn’t inflate during a crash. Not only Ford will recall the affected cars, but it will also make sure every new car that comes out of the factory doesn’t have this problem.

      It’s exactly the same with Apple. Not only they want to make sure every iOS device that is sold doesn’t have the security issue, but it also wants to make sure every iOS device out there that’s already been sold will be secured. Releasing an update and preventing users to downgrade is the only way to do that.

      Once again, Apple looks after the great majority of iOS users. Jailbreakers like us happen to be a casualty.

      I’m not trying to find excuses for Apple here. Believe me, I’d be much happier if Apple indeed let us downgrade. But that’s just the nature of things, and in the end, this benefits the majority of iOS users. This being said, you shouldn’t see this as “Apple hates jailbreakers” but rather as “Apple wants to make sure the majority of its users are safe”.

      • Damian W

        yes, but the key words you used here is “they (apple) want to”. How about what users “want”? I am not entirely happy with Apple making decisions for me. I dont want to run the safest iOS and the same goes for my 10 year old Ford Focus, which I have not “updated” because I am conformable this way. No body forces me to have the newest Ford yet.

      • we should have a choice

      • Stanley Traub

        U are literally a dumbass bro. Get an android phone with unlimited customizability. End of story. Stop complaining about craphone and how Apple is trying to stop u from jailbreaking. U are literally one of the most retarded people on this blog as well as taf khan.

      • Apple doesn’t care what a small minority of users (the 3% of iOS users) want. No company in the world (Google and Samsung included) really care about what a tiny slice of users want. What matters to them is the large piece of the pie. As a business decision, it obviously makes sense. From a user standpoint, yes, it sucks.

      • Damian W

        I agree with you that they dont care about minority users. But still, it is unthinkable that someone/something else can take control over your own personal device.

      • Maybe I’m missing something… . But nobody is forced to update, apple can’t force anyone right, my iDevices won’t be getting any 6.1.3 action , so I do have a choice, upgrade or don’t upgrade. Better than no option onAndroid

      • Damian W

        by saying “forced” we dont mean it literally. Apple leave us no choice by blocking downgrading or re-restoring older firmware. Once, we try to restore iphone in order to have fresh start with jailbreak, Apple puts us in position where we have to go the newest iOS (whether we like it or not), therefore losing JB. So this feels like an imposed (forced) option. More importantly you need to be connected to internet so that their servers can check if you have the new iOS. When servers are unable to check your iOS version, they wont let you restore device no matter how much you try.

      • Kool, I see what your getting @ now. Hopefully we will have a downgrade solution soon. Don’t plan on restoring anytime soon but then again u never know what’s around the corner, I would be gutted if I lost my jailbreak with no options.

      • If they don’t care about the 3% of the customers, then why the hell do they try so hard to F up their happiness by destroying jailbreak. Pricks!!

      • Damian W

        Lol good one

      • Gil Roman

        Great Points, but my point is simply that I would like a choice.

        In automobiles seat belts are not automatic, why not? Its the law and safer right? Why would the automobile industry not make it so your car WILL NOT turn on if your seat belt isn’t buckled? You are given the choice for “safety” in something as important and dangerous as a huge chunk of metal and plastic filled with petrol why not give me the choice with a smaller piece of metal and plastic, it just doesn’t add up.

        I’m not saying they (apple) hate JB’ers I’m just pointing out the fact that they don’t give us choices and we more or less herded into the pen they want to keep us in. THAT is what I have issue with.

        Moreover people that are knowledgeable and yet WILLFULLY turn a blind eye only make themselves look less credible then they really maybe in truth.

    • seyss

      FW recall

  • Damian W

    If apple did not want to kill jailbreak they would let users downgrade the device or re-restore it. They clearly blocked these functions since they were available years ago. They try to kill jailbreak quietly. End of story.

    • true…

    • iHamzaDev

      You sir are wrong, as well as being an ignorant individual. What is Apple’s top priority? SECURITY. Apple doesn’t allow downgrades because it would a risk to their security. Why are new updates released? To especially enhance security on iOS. Think before you post next time.

      • Damian W

        You sir are wrong too. I think the truth lies somewhere in between. With your type of logic the best phone for apple will be a “prison phone” or iPrison, where apple decides for you what to update and what you should run. Zero tolerance or free choice whatsoever, except the paid apps from AppStore ( which 80 percent is useless and repetitive anyway or SCAMS). You are talking about security, fine. But I am talking about choosing for yourself. I dont feel thretened and i want to use my phone more for fun than business. Apple created 6.1.2 because they knew it is already pretty secure ios. from what it looks like 6.1.3 is still full of bugs that’s could expose ios, so there is no point for anyone to update, if jailbreak is important to you. Second of all , downgrades don’t really risk any security, just by being done ( not unless you create a virus for older OS) Most people don’t even know what it is, and the rest just wants to take this risk. Just because you downgraded it does not mean you need to jailbreak. Don’t think like a dictator and don’t call me ignorant, because it seems like you just ignored a huge majority of jail breakers, which happened to be devoted apple customers.

  • Sweet cover, Thanks @Surenix

  • Really entertaning, nice to hear you guys!
    Keep up the good work!:)

  • mattkin22

    “No jailbreak for you!!”

  • This is the first thing I’ve listened to on my brand new iPad 4 I bought today. You should feel special lol

    Keep it up, agree with the guests idea eventually. Nice intro 🙂

    • You do make us feel special, Tony. Thank you 🙂

  • wonderboydave

    preview not working.

    • If you are using the podcast player on this page from Firefox, it will not work (it’s a Firefox problem)

  • jeff could u review the f.lux tweak which changes the brightness

  • Great listen!

    But, well, how can I not feel partly responsible for this week’s title now? I realize, now, “How did you guys meet?” could sound creepy enough. Haha, thanks for pointing that out.

    It really drawed my attention, though, how one can just find a guy online these days and realize he can voice your website so well on Youtube. That’s great, keep it up!

  • makedonii

    Love it! Again, thanks for listening to our feedback to make the podcast better! Great job

  • Thanx for all the work! I got into jailbreaking after iOS 6 release, and boy, I have gone from liking to loving my iPhone 5!
    And I read this blog everyday to see what’s happening in the community. It’s great

    Greetings from Norway!

  • Tom Sullivan

    Love it keep doing episodes

  • I like the new podcast cover! Simple yet elegant.

  • seyss

    have you ever worked on a radio station Jeff

  • Rupinder S

    The sound is great this time!

    • Good. I think it can be a tad better on my end still

      • Rupinder S

        You’ll get there eventually.

  • Rupinder S

    Hey Jeff, can you tell us how your switch from AT&T to Verizon went? Was it worth it? Thanks.

  • Justin H

    I love what you guys are doing, just do us one favour!! Don’t ever script it! Great job once again.

    • Nah, there is no need for a script

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  • Rufat

    I hate Apple. But I love Jailbreak very much.

  • Himanshu Oberoi

    I’m in serious Trouble
    My iPhone 4S is not backing Up data on the PC because of “an error Occured” and worst thing Ever ITunes automatically deleted .ipsw file From PC
    Now when I’m restoring my iPhone it’s downloading iOS 6.1.3 which is unjailbreakable
    Help Me Out !!!!!

  • If Apple doesn’t hate jail breakers, then why don’t they just allow Cydia through the App Store?

  • Great 3rd PodCast! Awesome blog too. I have an idea for the Podcast, How having an listener or jailbreaker share his or her Fav Tweak of the week? Might be a tweak even Downloadblog might be impressed about. Keep up the good work!!

  • Tom

    comex… on an iDB podcast soon? Hell to the yes!

    Keep up the good work guys. I’m loving the podcasts. 🙂

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  • ricky_nguyen

    Sebatien there is a major imessage security flaw that has been discovered that is called the denial of service attack have you heard about this happening before?

  • randall young

    The podcast is everything I need to continue my growing knowledge of jailbreak. Thanks so much for your hard work.