Creating The Perfect iPad

I’m going to be honest with you — jailbreaking an iPad hasn’t been nearly as appealing to me as jailbreaking my iPhone. But as I started working on this list, I realized that there really are some awesome, and I mean awesome ways to trick out your iPad once it’s jailbroken.

Considering that I do a lot of writing on my iPad, I found that a many of these tweaks immensely helped my writing workflow. Tweaks like BeeKeyboard, and SwipeSelection are absolute essentials for iPad writers, even if you’re not really into the jailbreak scene.

Obviously that’s not all, as virtually everyone will find a jailbreak app or tweak that suits their fancy. Yes, the iPad jailbreak scene is alive, and it’s better than ever. Despite my initial doubts, I was able to come up with this solid list of 15 best jailbreak tweaks for iPad running iOS 6. There’s no filler here, and no fluff — each of these tweaks represent, what in my opinion, is the best of the best. Take a look inside, and see for yourselves.

Video walkthrough

Action Menu Plus Pack

Best iPad Jailbreak Apps Action Menu
Among many other things, Action Menu allows you to access clipboard history

Action Menu is one of my favorite jailbreak tweaks due to its implementation of a handy pasteboard history feature. As someone who uses my iPad to edit text and create documents, having quick access to my pasteboard history is absolutely instrumental to getting work done.

Price: $2.99
Action Menu Plus Pack direct Cydia link | Read more about Action Menu Plus Pack


Best iPad Jailbreak Apps BeeKeyboard
Assign Bluetooth keyboard shortcuts to a variety of iOS functions

BeeKeyboard is one of the first apps that you should download after jailbreaking your iPad. It allows you to quickly assign shortcuts to a variety of different iOS functions. Because it has built in Activator gesture shortcut support, there’s practically no limit to the amount of functions that you can assign to a simple key press.

The beauty of BeeKeyboard is that it also features a host of addons. These addons, some still suspended in development, allow you to create custom shortcuts for a variety of apps. There’s even a Safari addon that adds tons of exclusive keyboard shortcuts to the mobile Safari app. If it’s productivity you’re after, then BeeKeyboard is simply second to none.

Price: $2.99
BeeKeyboard direct Cydia link | Read more about BeeKeyboard

BluSelect 5.0+

Best iPad Jailbreak Apps BluSelect
Easily enable Bluetooth devices using Activator gestures

In my opinion, there’s been a sort of misconception regarding BluSelect. This tweak isn’t just your average Bluetooth toggle, as it may appear at first glance. Instead, this is a tweak that allows you to quickly connect to individual Bluetooth peripherals from anywhere. It does so by means of a well placed Activator gesture. I should also mention that it also works great for quickly tethering an iPad to the iPhone using the iPhone’s Personal Hotspot feature via Bluetooth.

Price: $1.99
BluSelect direct Cydia link


Best iPad Jailbreak Apps Blutrol
Control your games with the iCade, WiiMote, and coming soon, the PS3’s Dual Shock

I’ve blogged about Blutrol many times in the past, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. This is a jailbreak app that allows you to connect a variety of external controllers to your iOS device. This means that it’s totally possible to use something like an iCade cabinet to control games that aren’t officially supported by the device. What’s even better? There’s rumored PS3 Dual Shock 3 support on the horizon. Good times.

Price: $9.99
Blutrol direct Cydia link | Read more about Blutrol


Best iPad Jailbreak Apps Bridge
Import music directly into the Music app without iTunes

I’ve always found it a bit odd that you could never import your favorite tunes into the Music app without iTunes, but nonetheless, that continues to be the case. If you’re jailbroken, however, it’s easy to liberate your iDevice with Bridge — a tweak that allows you to easily import music, ringtones, and podcasts directly into the Music app sans iTunes syncing.

Price: $1.99
Bridge direct Cydia link | Read more about Bridge


Best iPad Jailbreak Apps Emblem
OS X inspired notification banners

Banner notifications on the iPhone’s small screen work perfectly fine. On the iPad, though, I think they’re kind of ugly, and don’t adequately use the iPad’s available real estate. Emblem fixes this problem by presenting users with OS X inspired notification banners. It’s a bit difficult to see how beautiful this tweak is until you see it running in person, so I heavily advise you to give it a try.

Price: $1.99
Emblem direct Cydia link | Read more about Emblem


Best iPad Jailbreak Apps iFile
The best way to manage iOS’ file system

In order to make iOS easy to use and to protect users from themselves, Apple has restricted access to the native file system in iOS. At its root, iOS is basically just a stripped down version of OS X. This means that, yes, the same familiar file structure exists under the iPad’s pretty GUI. iFile gives you access to all of this, along with a host of other convenient features for the iPad.

Price: $4.00 (Free Trial)
iFile direct Cydia link | Read more about iFile


Best iPad Jailbreak Apps MountainCenter
An OS X inspired Notification Center

Like banner notifications, Notification Center seems like a bit of an afterthought on the iPad. In fact, it’s pretty safe to say that Notification Center on the iPad is downright hideous. MountainCenter solves this problem by enabling an OS X styled Notification Center, which can be accessed by swiping from the left, or right side of the iPad’s screen. Beautiful.

Price: $2.99
MountainCenter direct Cydia link | Read more about MountainCenter


Best iPad Jailbreak Apps NCSettings
These handy quick toggles are an absolute must have

Six iOS generations later, and there’s still no built-in way to quickly toggle often used items like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, etc. NCSettings is a visually appealing Notification Center tweak that implements such quick toggling functionality.

Price: Free
NCSettings direct Cydia link | Read more about NCSettings


Best iPad Jailbreak Apps NoNewsIsGoodNews
Hide Newsstand, and turn Newsstand magazines into standalone apps

It seems like nearly everyone hates the Newsstand folder, which explains why there are about a million and one ways, jailbreak, and non-jailbreak, to get rid of it. The best such tweak is called NoNewsIsGoodNews. The wittily named tweak gets rid of the Newsstand folder on your Home screen, and places periodicals normally destined for the folder on to your Home screen as standalone apps.

Price: Free
NoNewsIsGoodNews direct Cydia link | Read more about NoNewsIsGoodNews


Best iPad Jailbreak Apps 32
Never type in your iTunes password for App Store purchases

I don’t know about you, but my iTunes password is ridiculously complex. For that reason, it’s a huge pain to have to type it in every time I want to purchase a new app from the App Store. PasswordPilot is a great tweak that stores your password for you, so you’re always ready to make App Store purchases on the whim.
Price: Free
PasswordPilot direct Cydia link | Read more about PasswordPilot


Best iPad Jailbreak Apps Without RetinaPad
Without RetinaPad, iPhone only apps look nasty on the iPad

If you use any iPhone-only apps on the iPad, then you owe it to yourself to give RetinaPad a whirl. It will make text and various other in-app assets look a lot crisper. The screenshot above is Instagram running without RetinaPad, and the screenshot below if Instagram running with RetinaPad. You be the judge.

Best iPad Jailbreak Apps With RetinaPad
With RetinaPad, iPhone only apps look a lot crisper

Price: $2.99
RetinaPad direct Cydia link | Read more about RetinaPad


Best iPad Jailbreak Apps SafariDownloadManager
The perfect companion for iFile, download any file

Simply put, if you hate it when iOS tells you what you can and cannot download, then you need Safari Download Manager. It, combined with the aforementioned iFile, pack a great one-two punch when it comes to file downloading and subsequent file management.

Price: $4.99
SafariDownloadManager direct Cydia link | Read more about SafariDownloadManager


Best iPad Jailbreak Apps SwipeSelection
Perfect for those who do lots of text editing on the iPad

Editing text on the iPad is a colossal pain in the butt, which is largely due to the fact that it’s difficult to quickly position your cursor in the exact place where you need it. SwipeSelection remedies this. It allows you to swipe to exact cursor locations via swipes on the keyboard. Watch the video to get a clear idea as to what I mean. I promise, you’ll never want to go back to traditional text editing on the iPad again.
Price: Free
SwipeSelection direct Cydia link | Read more about SwipeSelection


Best iPad Jailbreak Apps Zephyr
Supercharges the iPad’s Multitasking Gestures

The iPad already includes some pretty cool built-in “Multitasking Gestures,” but Zephyr takes it to a whole new level. There are various one-finger gestures included here for ease of use. Along with that, there’s a sheer level of customization available that will have multi-touch fans salivating.
Price: $2.99
Zephyr direct Cydia link | Read more about Zephyr

That’s my full list of tweaks that I consider must-haves for the iPad running iOS 6. Was your favorite jailbreak tweak included or omitted? Do you agree, or disagree? Please let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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  • I find this, and especially the iPhone best of guide, is kind of a circle jerk for the same old tweaks that continue to get noticed, leaving many great ones unnoticed. MyVibe, BrowseInApp, SMS Timestamps, Tap to Note, Tap to Remind, ShowCase, Clock Delete, TypingPrivacy, and a new, upcoming, amazing tweak called ColorLock, for instance, are all great tweaks that I can’t live without, that look very iOS ingrained, and that get virtually not publicity.

    • no*

      • felixtaf

        Good. Preferences may vary. Can u plz mention the uses of these tweaks? Please. Jus few wrds r enuf…

      • Gladly. MyVibe detects if your phone is on a flat surface and won’t give vibrate the entire table if it is. BrowseInApp opens a link in the app you’re working in, instead of opening Safari. SMS Timestamps simply timestamps every single SMS you have. Tap to Note/Tap to Remind are notification centre widgets, perfect for creating quick notes and reminders (and the tweak looks great). Showcase shows your keyboard letters in lower case if you’re typing in lower; upper case, accordingly. ClockDelete is a simple swipe gesture to delete clocks in the clock app, don’t know why Apple excludes this little function. TypingPrivacy allows you to hide if you’re typing an iMessage to someone or not. ColorLock, not released yet, colour codes the lockscreen during music play to meld with the album colours, just like in iTunes 11 album view. It’s not released yet, but search it in Reddit r/jailbreak and you can download a (very) beta deb. file. I highly recommend these tweaks!

      • felixtaf

        Thanks you…. Will try them fr sure….

      • You’re welcome. Enjoy!

      • Jeff

        Good synopsis. I have a few items to catch up on I see.

      • Thanks!

    • Jeff

      Many relative newcomers have been included in this list, so I’d have to respectively disagree. Just because an app or tweak is popular, doesn’t make it any less worthy of being included, and as you stated, vice versa. This really had nothing to do with the popularity of each tweak. Believe me, it took me weeks to go through and test out over 50 different apps and tweaks and curate a final list of 15.

      Tweaks like MountainCenter, BlueSelect, Emblem, Blutrol, Bridge, and BeeKeyboard, aren’t exactly what I’d label as being popular. Many of these are still relatively unknown. Yes, you will see legacy tweaks on this list like Action Menu and Zephyr, but that’s only because they really are the best, it has nothing to do with maintaining the status quo, or because they are popular.

      I’m not here to provide a list of different tweaks just for the sake of doing something different or being controversial. That’s not the point, and it would be a huge disservice to our loyal readers and viewers. The tweaks you mentioned, SMS Timestamps, Tap to Note, ShowCase — Those are fine and all, but I _surely_ wouldn’t remove _any_ of the tweaks I picked in favor of any of those. I’m looking for practical productivity to improve the overall iPad experience. I firmly believe that the 15 tweaks I selected do just that.

      • RarestName

        You missed out Flex 🙂

      • Jeff

        I didn’t. It was considered, but I don’t think the average jailbreaker cares about Flex. Power users, yes. But this list is for everyone. When I do my power user list, yes, Flex is a must.

      • EpicFacepalm

        Don’t forget the Cycript + Class-Dump. Cycript can do things which Flex can’t.

      • f.lux wouldve been a great decision – productivity is a good marketing tool, but if you can make a product so comfortable to use that you miss it when its away, then sir you truly have a product that will sell itself. I believe that F.lux is a tweak that does just that.

      • Damian W

        MountainCenter, NoNewsIsGoodNews and Emblem are quite inferior to BiteSMS not included here. They are simply only visual, pretty looking things not really adding anything new.

      • Jeff

        biteSMS is largely unstable on the iPad, hence its exclusion. It’s certainly not nearly as important on the iPad as the iPhone. And to say something is inferior, when it doesn’t even perform the same function makes no sense to me man! That’s like calling a light bulb inferior to a off-road tire. If you were comparing biteSMS to Messages+, that would be one thing. I’m just giving you a hard time 😛

      • Damian W

        nevertheless, tweak is a tweak, which basically should enhance the functionality of your device. Therefore, biteSMS is in the same category as MountainCenter or the others, which is called tweak. And BiteSMS is much much better in enhancing the overall functionality of you idevice. I don’t want to compare similar tweaks to one another here. It is not my a point, all I want to do is find the best tweaks that squeeze the most juice out of your device. BiteSMS comes first to my mind. It is not really buggy. Mostly all you need is the quick reply which works perfectly. The only bugs I found there are so minor that I already forgot about them.

      • Jeff

        The developer even acknowledges these issues. I found that more times than not, my iPad was unstable with bite. Your mileage may vary of course.

      • i ahve ipad 4 and BiteSMS and iRealSMS and Messages+ all are COMPLETELY unstable – I dont like the word liar but maybe a bender of the truth –

      • BulletToothTony

        yeah i’m highly disappointed with biteSMS, when i start typing from the homescreen my text is a ghost. :-/

        Any alternatives for iPad jeff?

      • Damian W

        Try installing the beta versions from the private repo of BiteSMS. I dont have any ghost text as you mentioned.

      • BulletToothTony

        i forgot about the betas thank you

      • Glad you responded. To be honest, I should have saved my comment for your Perfect iPhone article, as I think it was more indicative of what I was talking about. I didn’t mean to be an affront to your journalistic skills, or to suggest that you should do “something different or controversial.”

      • Jeff

        No, I wasn’t offended at all, and I didn’t feel like that was an attack at all. That’s your argument and you have a full right to that. I was just trying to explain my reasoning for the list. I know a lot of people get upset because it seems like the same tweaks getting nods. I was explaining the process behind it. What we really need, is more lists that focus on specific areas of jailbreaking. i.e. Power users, Home screen, Lock screen, etc, etc.

      • Yeah I agree, and the tweaks I mentioned, I believe, would fit in the category of “Apple would probably implement this”. I like tweaks that look very at home in iOS and that don’t clearly stand out as the third-party software they are. On that note, I really cannot wait until you showcase ColorLock. And if you don’t, I’ll be very surprised.

      • Jeff

        I will look into that, thank you.

      • I know you wouldve include auxo if it was ipad ready lol. I think you are a secret investor of that tweak

      • Tap to Note and Tap to Remind are not iPad compatiable yet.

      • Toney

        I think Multifl0w & Sleipnizer for Safari are two very useful apps as well .

      • Damian W

        Sleipinizer or swipe safari

    • BulletToothTony

      you may also want to remember that not everyone has been in the jailbreak community for THAT long, I knew many tweaks for iPhone but this article was very useful to me since I sold my iPhone and I’m using an iPad mini as a phone, I’ve had a big iPad for a long time but never cared to jailbreak.

      I think that a list like this one for newcomers is quite awesome. And I believe that if people start with big changes like these they will eventually keep digging and find smaller and yet great tweaks like the ones you mentioned.

      I believe that circle jerk is a bit of an overstatement, but thanks for posting some new stuff as well, i’ll see if any of them are useful to me.

      • Yeah Jeff already made that point. And you’re welcome. Hope you like them!

  • Okay, where the hell is Quasar ?!

    • Jeff

      It’s not updated for iOS 6, and even if it was, I doubt it would be included on this list. It’s nice to show off, but for pure unadulterated functionality that “just works” I’m not so sure anymore.

    • Quasar is nice, but is quite crash-prone (at least for me).

    • Al

      Not updated to 6.0 yet, but developer is currently working on it..

    • Damian W

      quasar does not play well with most cydia tweaks. Not compatible friendly.

  • Okay, I’m getting BeeKeyboard pronto. The lack of functionality in Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard is mind-boggling.

    But let’s talk about Swipe Selection. I love it on my iPhone, after this last update, but I find that on my iPad, my cursor is constantly jumping around as a type. So that if I’m not careful I’ll suddenly find myself writing in the middle of a different sentence. Anyone else have that issue?

    • Jeff

      Never had that issue, maybe a conflict with another keyboard tweak? But yes, BeeKeyboard is a MUST have for anyone that uses a physical keyboard. It’s amazing.

      • I have had that issue hundreds of times. Swipe selection seems to make the screen more responsive to touches, so any little touch on the screen and the cursor will definitely move on you before you realize it. It not the end of the world, It is a great tweak.

      • iky1e

        Have you tried the latest update. It lowered the sensitivity quite a lot.

      • I have and it has helped with the mis-curser issues dramatically. Thanks for mentioning the update. I had forgotten about it.

    • Yeah I’ve definitely had that issue plenty of times with my iPad. I’ve had it with my iPhone 5 as well, although the recent update seems to be a remedy. No other keyboard tweaks installed, also.

    • Yes!
      I had to switch to SwipeShiftCaret on my phone, latest version of swipe selection has much lower sensitivity and works well for my ipad.

      The latest might be good for my iphone, but i’m pleased with SwipeShiftCaret so i’ll leave it like that.

    • Fofer

      Yep, I had that issue; that is what prompted me to uninstall.

    • iky1e

      Is this still an issue if you update the iPad to the very latest version of SwipeSelection?

  • Worth putting on your list the tweak that closes all apps at once: Killbackground. You Bigboss repository.

  • ap3604

    Snes9x EX
    Bluetooth controller
    Perfection 😀

    • Jeff

      Hard to argue with that. What’s the best Bluetooth controller in your opinion?

      • ap3604

        There are 2 I would recommend:
        At home? wiimote classic controller
        On the go? Gametel controller.
        While the wiimote classic controller is the best console type controller, it has to be plugged into a wiimote so it’s definitely not portable and best used at home.
        The Gametel controller is amazing imo because its the ONLY ONE with a spring clamp to hold your iPhone in place like a PSP while you are on the go. It’s extremely portable and I don’t leave home without it so anytime I’m bored on the go I simply whip it out and start playing Super Metroid, Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past, etc.

      • Jeff

        Thank you. I happen to have a WiiMote Classic controller laying around, so I will definitely try this ASAP.

      • trevor higdon

        Try the steel series free blue tooth game controller. It runs about 60 bucks but has a wonderful portable layout and last forever on a single greatest charge. Also it looks great and can also run on your laptop and other devices.

      • jordandev

        Wiimote with the Classic Controller attached works great for me.

        Don’t think Blutrol supports Classic Controller though only the Wiimote itself which makes me sad. But the emulators all do.

      • Icontrolpad love it

      • Datel Retro Wireless

    • Even better throw it airplay to an apple tv, now you’re wireless

  • Al

    Should have a notable mention option… For tweaks like Dashboard X, IntelliscreenX (useful on the iPad as well), SwipeSafari, FolderEnhancer, and soon to be updated to iOS 6 Quasar… Just to name a few..

  • Matthew

    I have zephyr but I’m not jailbroken. It’s called multitasking gestures.

    • Jeff

      Yeah, well, you’re missing the point.

      • Matthew

        I read the article, watched the video, but I just don’t get it. What’s so special about zephyr? On iPhone I understand but on iPad? I think it would get annoying. For example, you’re playing cut the rope. You can’t play because zephyr is in the way. But with the normal gestures it’s fine. So let me repeat myself, what’s so special about zephyr?

      • RarestName

        One finger gestures. Try using the multitasking gestures with one finger/

      • Matthew

        Wouldn’t one finger gestures be rather annoying??? On iPad at least.

      • RarestName

        No, unless you use a lot of slide in gestures.

      • Agreed. So much easier to use one finger on my iPad mini, and because of Zephyr, I’ve completely stopped using the native multitasking gestures Apple avails to me.

      • queen_ir3ne

        I absolutely agree. The gestures that come with the iPad are sufficient. Zephyr is redundant. I’m used to using 4-5 fingers and wouldn’t want to convert to 1-finger gestures. I do have Zephyr on my iPod Touch though. Very useful.

      • Matthew

        Thank you.

      • I love zephyr on my iPhone but not on my iPad. Gestures are better for the iPad.

      • Matthew


      • yah i like using 1 finger versus my whole hand. I have disabled zephyr in apps that require side and up swiping and can use 4 fingers for those. 4 dirty grubby fingers swiping across my screen makes it look quite dirty after a short while. while the 1 keeps the screen a tiny bit cleaner a bit longer. I enjoyed using gestures for sometime but i really honestly feel that one finger is easier and much more intuitive that the 4 finger. But if youre being honest i just wonder what it feels like to enjoy using your entire hand more to do the same thing as one? Im sitting here using my ipad and i seriously cannot imagine how 4/5 fingers is more convienient. but thats why this is OPTIONAL. I also wonder if you would have the same feelings if 1 finger was the stock Apple gesture.. hmm? regardless.

        And I aswell keep reading on this blog of tweaks that are seriously the oldest and constantly repeated tweaks. I REALLY like coming here for news and updates but I feel like the articles are becoming more and more redudant. PLEASE for goodness sake do a “15 Tweaks/apps you cant live without that youve probably never heard of” – idc if its for iphone or ipad or BOTH. but you writers need to do the JB community a favor and occasionally post reviews of hard to find tweaks, or even a list of 5 different tweaks to change you status bar/lockscreen. OR Gestures in Safari article on Swipe Safari and SafariSwipez together, OR anything regarding something new and spicy. I think the newest Apps/Tweaks is great but some of the tweaks can be a little pointless! BRING a LITTLE spice to my JB LIFE!

      • Matthew

        I would be pretty annoyed if these were the stock gestures, really. I read books on my iPad. That would bother me while reading books and stuff. So to answer your question Inwould be annoyed if these were the stock gestures.

      • but what if you had both? and had the option to disable it from certain ones. also in zephyr there is an option to choose from where your finger should be to activate the ability to switch app. for example, i have a tweak called swipe safari, in which i can use 1 finger GRAB left of right to change tabs, or i can use one finger in the motion of swiping more quickly to Go Back or Go Forward. and lastly, if i were to swipe from off screen onto screen from left or right side i can switch to the next app or last app, but its better than gestures, for me, with zephyr because Im not just Gesturing to the next app, i can slide to begin looking at, say a website or book, then if i dont complete the gesture (say im in notepad) i can stay in notepad, and copy what i was reading (a quote, phone number, special code for website etc) much more easily because i “peaked” at the next app for that info. not trying to convert you hahaha.

      • Just go to setting and disable zephyr on “cut the rope” or whatever the apps you think in the way. you would get anoyed with 5 fingers once you get used to one finger.

      • Matthew

        I guess but I still like the default gestures better.

      • i use both. but obviously its essential to have on a iphone.

      • Matthew

        I say great for iPhone but useless for iPad.

      • Royal

        Jus use grabber with zephyr .. n prob solved .. for the ipad. u will have single finger gestures, cleaner screen, and a non-annoying zephyr.

    • seyss

      agreed…. I find zephyr ONLY useful if you have a bad home button (like my old iPhone 4)…

      • David Villamizar

        Use isopropyl alcohol with 90% of concentration or more.

        Turn off your iPhone, put 3 drops on the home button, and then press it quickly a lot of times, after that, put it upside down while pressing the button with a cloth for around 10 times to let the dry liquid.

        Be careful not to let the alcohol reach the screen by gravity( don’t put the phone with the top facing down).

        After 5 minutes upside down on a table, you can turn it on. Its amazing cuz it WORKS. If you find this doesn’t work, just try again, it won’t hurt (I tried 5-7 times, and never had a problem again after 3 months).

        if you need more instructions, there are some youtube videos about this.

        Jeff, please, make a tutorial for this process. A lot of people would solve this issue.

      • seyss

        you said not to put the phone top up however you said to put it top up, put alcohol and press homebutton “a lot of times”… can you pls clarify?

      • David Villamizar

        Sorry, it’s hard to describe 3D space using only words, plus english is not my first language. So let me make it clear for you, the first time put the screen looking down, what I tell you not to do, is to tilt your phone in a position where the liquid may reach the screen by gravity.

        First, you need to press the home button to let the liquid in, since inside the home button there is a membrane that only opens when pressed.

        Second, you need to press again but with the home button facing down, to let the remanent liquid out of the phone.

        I hope this makes it clear enough for you, you can search for this process in youtube, there are some good videos there about this method.

      • seyss

        ok thanks!

    • Damian W

      the purpose of zephyr on ipad is that it gives you much quicker or rather more comfortable gesture with one finger. It is simply a matter of comfort.

      4/5 fingers vs one finger. Zephyr wins.

  • Jeff how do you set up Zephr & Mountain Center re swiping from offscreen on the right?

  • deepdvd

    I find it funny when someone says “so I heavily advise you to give it a try” for a Cydia tweak that don’t give you an option to “give it a try” without purchasing first.

    • Jeff

      Hah. I write that a lot. I always grimace when I do. I probably should stop doing that, but it’s an old habit.

  • Re: Action Menu:
    it doubles up the “paste” option in Numbers. A small gripe, but it also slows down the copy/paste iOS interface.

    I’m not a fan.

  • Bob

    Where’s the video bro.

    • Underneath where it says “Video walkthrough” I think…

      • Bob

        Thanks bro!

  • Thomas


  • Can’t live without MultiIconmover & FolderEnhancer must have tweaks !!! (If u happend to have a lot of apps or just want folders in folders)

  • Arent zephyr gestures included on the iPAD out of the box? I mean, those are native gestures on the ipad. Dont get me wrong, is great on the iphone because replicates what you can do on the ipad.. Its kimd of redundant

    • Jeff


      • David Villamizar

        Liar, you are smiling, look at your profile pic…

    • You’re about the 5th person who’s mentioned this. Read other comments.

  • cnoTe4

    No page dots is good too.

  • John714

    horrible list

    • Jeff

      Okay, where’s yours?

  • NCsettings is no longer being updated. According to the developer says doest have te time to mantain this tweak and wont offer support anymore. So whats the point

  • SonicteamPower

    Creating the perfect jailbroken iPod Touch!

  • Liam Mulcahy

    Isn’t jailbreaking the iPad illegal?

    • queen_ir3ne

      Since when did jailbreakers care about legality? 😛

  • Leiryv

    I’m not using Zephyr nor Multitasking gestures since both kills the ability to write with palm on screen.

    Also, BeeKeyboard is VERY useful, but for some reason, idling with BeeKeyboard took my CPU 25% higher, from 5% to 30%, this eats battery.

  • Wake up Jeff,zephyr is useless on ipad,the 4 finger gesture is 10 better than 1 finger,if you play a game like temple run or subway surfers,it will activate the switcher.I kown,i know,you can disable zephyr in any app,but you’ll have to use the home button,and zephyr is just another RAM burner

  • czbird

    Thank you so much for mentioning BluSelect. I was about to install it but I forgot the tweak name and was not able to find it anymore. You just made my day 🙂

  • B James

    Created same day I picked up an iPad. Great start!

  • BluSelect is useless since you can use NCSettings for free: just press and hold the bluetooth logo and it will take you the bluetooth settings page. The same will happens if you press and hold the wifi logo, etc

    • czbird

      Well, I do not want to open Settings just to reconnect to specific device. That’s the point of BluConnect.

    • in another hand if you prefer SBSettings over NCSettings you might consider it as you can press and hold the bluetooth toggle to activate it

  • Hello I have a camera connection kit and a normal usb keyboard, will bee keyboard work?

  • Where the hell is f.lux and AdBlocker in the list? They’re so useful…

    • Damian W

      I like them too, they are definately more useful than nonewsisgoodnews or mountaincenter

  • Concerned Reader

    Since when is Zephyr 2.99?

  • awesome post. trying out all the apps one by one.

  • Be sure to use Beekeyboard with Mountain Center; and have your notification center open with your preferred Apple keyboard shortcut. Lovin’ it….

  • Vaughan

    Surprised that Incarcerapp is not listed here. One of the most useful apps if you ever have kids using your ipad. It definitely is much more configurable than the guided access stuff.

    I’m also loving f.lux. Have it running on both ipad and iphone.

    And of course having XBMC on an ipad is awesome. 😉

  • Joy

    What about iWiKey HD for iPad? It definitely speeds the workflow to have numbers and symbols quickly available on a fifth row and it feels more natural when editing or creating content.

    Each key on the row is customizable, and it plays very well with both BeeKeyboard, and SwipeSelection on a heavily tweaked iPad 2 32GB, running iOS 6.1.

  • When is the quasar coming out on ios 6???

  • jammy

    hi, my name is jimmy, I have your watch you youtube for how to jailbreak and thanks are very good and easy. so I do have a problem with my ipad4 ios 6.1.3 for jailbreak it not work jailbreak for my ipad4 device. I need your help for rejailbreak again my ipad4 device please. explain my problem: after I have install jailbreak before it work good so now I have had delete my cydia system and did reset my ipad4 device. so there before it have my device for ios 6.1.2 version and after I had delete so now have version ios 6.1.3 that I can not jailbreak on my ipad4 device. please for your help me and email me: or

  • Jamalayka Jamalaya

    website no. 15. My quest for the ultimate app that will finally make me jailbreak my Ipad. Another failure. Most apps are fun and pretty but that is it. Most apps are useless for the majority of Ipad users. Most functions can do without, no big deal.

  • it was a helpful one………..

  • Arif Khalifa

    Can anything allow making and receiving calls on ipad mini,
    Also sending and receiving SMS..
    BOTH USING GSM Network.

  • kathleen hunt

    Caught Amazon running a promo on a few good apps, got lucky. Has anyone tried – ZON DEAL LOCATOR (google it, forgot the url) There is a yellow box that gives discount promo codes for any product on Amazon. Couldn’t believe that I got to choose my own discount. Once I saw the price, I jumped right on it. Just thought I’d share.

  • Garry Bradford

    How do I airplay skygo from my jailbroken ipad mini IOS 8.1.2 to my ATV2?