PasswordPilot Auto-Enters Your App Store Password

There was a time when App Store goers didn’t have to type their password in for every download. In fact, after entering it once, users had a 15 minute window to download software without having to constantly punch in a password.

However, after a few lawsuits and the threat of an FCC investigation, Apple changed the policy. Users now have to enter their Apple account passwords for every download, even a free one. Luckily, jailbreakers, there is now a tweak for that…


Enter PasswordPilot, a simple utility that automatically inserts your password for you when prompted by the App Store. This allows you to download apps until your heart’s content, without having to approve each time.

Once downloaded, simply go into your Settings app and tap the new PasswordPilot tab. Enter in your Apple account password and then leave Settings. Don’t worry, it saves and encrypts your password automatically.

While I wouldn’t recommend this tweak to folks who let friends or offspring play with their iDevice often, it is nice for the power user that downloads a lot of apps. PasswordPilot is available in Cydia for free.

PasswordPilot is available for free on FilippoBiga’s repo. The repo address is: – It should also be appearing on the BigBoss repo in the near future.

What do you think?