With just one day left until Apple’s massive iPhone 5 introduction tomorrow, it’s a mockups day today. This morning already saw us post a few nice dummies and mockups, from the iPhone 5 dummy with high-quality closeups of the handset’s controversial two-tone design to a concept video showing off its possible features to this nicely done mockup of a mini iPad in hand.

With some people expecting new colorful iPods at tomorrow’s event, designer Guilherme Schasiepen went about rendering half a dozen stunning mockups of what a fifth-generation iPod touch might look like. The renderings and more food for thought follow right below…

You gotta give it to Guilherme Schasiepen because I’m simply smitten by attention to detail glaringly evident in these renders.

Click on any of the images in this post for super high-rez versions.

It looks pretty darn thin, doesn’t it?

I love the four-inch Retina display with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Of course, the smaller 9-pin dock connector gets a showing as well.

Here’s your black model.

I prefer my iOS devices in white

Guilherme’s also done a set of gorgeous renders depicting a 2012 version of the iPod classic, Apple’s music player that started the whole iPod craze a decade ago.

Here’s one of the iPod classic concepts.

For even more, do check out Guilherme Schasiepen’s photo stream on Flickr.

We heard whispers that Apple could tomorrow refresh the iPod lineup alongside the next iPhone (even iMacs, perhaps?).

Apple reportedly has in store nicely redesigned iPod touches with beefed up internals, tweaked iPod shuffles in eight new colors and an elongated iPod nano, also in eight bright colors and sporting rumored WiFi iCloud connectivity, perhaps for Apple’s alleged streaming music service.

And if @chronic is right, the next iPod touch will run a new application processor: an ARM-based S5L8942X rather than an S5L8950X. He also thinks Apple will finally enable the hidden iOS Panorama mode in the Camera app.

What do you think so far?

Is this how the fifth-gen iPod touch should look like?

  • I think they will just modify it a little and add the 9 pin connector to all their products that’s all

  • billypuntove

    I want the phone companies to be so disrupted and wifi to be so widespread that I can use this (the real one, anyway) as a phone.
    My $90ish AT&T bill is so unjustified is ridiculous. And I’m sure 80% of people pay more for an iPhone plan.

    • markfulaytar

      Straight talk is $45 unlimited everything. It works on at&t phones. I’ve never regretted switching

  • Will Walker

    I like the iPod Touch design, I would buy one of those. Anxious to see what what Apple will unveil later on this year.

  • Nicolas Loots

    I hope the real one will look like this and not just a sloppy upgrade.

  • R Skse

    Aww wow, hate when people do this. I really want a new iPod Classic now..

  • It look sooo damn good o.o Amazing design and super thin.
    I hope it’s like this.

  • I want a new iPod classic but they need to go back to the chip in Classic 5G. The sound from that iPod was the best. I just don’t like how it’s bulky.

  • why would you need SSD on an iPod?

  • Marten

    The iPod Classic looks awesome.

  • Andrew Weissman

    The only thing missing from the two of them is a headphone jack. (Although, personally, I would purchase a set of bluetooth headphones if the headphone jack was removed.)

  • He forgot the headphone jack.
    Other than that, great renders!

    • Maybe he expects it to be on top like current iPhones

      • Maybe! I just think that with all the rumors saying the jack will be at the bottom of the next iPhone, you’d imagine apple wouldn’t change the iPod’s jack location. But.. anything is possible.

  • I hope the current Nano takes the position of the Shuffle. They’re already almost the same size, so a lower price on the current Nano would eliminate the need for the current Shuffle in the lineup. And they have a good thing going with the wrist watch thing. Surely Apple wouldn’t want to cut that off.

  • seyss

    so still if you put it in a hard table such as glass or metal it’ll scratch the back..

  • Laga Mahesa

    Stop feeding the shamans and witch doctors, people.

  • where the hell is the headphone jack lol