Hidden Panorama Mode Uncovered in the iOS Camera

Developer and hacker conradev has uncovered a hidden panorama mode in the iOS Camera app. By changing a key value in the iOS SDK, a Panorama mode is unlocked in the Camera app that lets iPhone users capture a panorama image by snapping photos continually from left to right.

While it’s unclear as to why this feature is hidden in iOS, it can only be assumed that Apple will eventually release it to the public in due time.

Famous jailbreak developer chpwn also posted images of the Panorama mode enabled on what is presumably his iPhone 4S. The interface looks like it needs some work. There is no ETA on when this feature will be released to the public.

Here is an example of a panoramic photo taken on the iPhone, click for the full image (the original resolution is 6122 x 2852):

Update: chpwn has announced that he’s submitted a jailbreak tweak in Cydia called “Firebreak” that will enable this panorama feature on jailbroken iDevices. The tweak should be available tomorrow.

Update 2: chpwn released FireBreak and it’s now available in Cydia. We also have a video on how to manually enable panorama mode.