Now that Google Chrome has been out for a while on iOS, it’s a good time to sit back and reevaluate its value. Should you ditch Safari for Chrome? Is Chrome good for jailbreakers? How do you get more out of Chrome?

Inside we’ll take a look at various ways that you can make your Google Chrome experience more rewarding. Even if you’re not a jailbreaker there are plenty of ways you can still benefit…

It’s not that slow

Sure, it doesn’t have accelerated Javascript access, but neither does any other 3rd party browser on iOS. It’s not Safari, but it’s not that slow in real world usage.

You can open infinite tabs, no jailbreak needed

Yeah, that’s a crazy amount of tabs. So many that Google threw in a little surprise when you eclipse 99.

You can download files

If your device is jailbroken, you can now download files within Chrome. It’s not pretty, but it’s plenty functional.

You can refresh like Safari

For those of you who despise the way Google implemented refresh functionality into Chrome, this tweak is for you.

You can “pull to refresh”

Or, perhaps pull to refresh is more of your speed?

You can make it your default browser

Don’t forget to make Chrome your default browser…There are multiple ways to do this if jailbroken.

You can use bookmarklets

And contrary to popular belief, you can indeed use bookmarklets in Chrome. Instapaper nuts rejoice.

You can use the standard keyboard

For those of you who hate Chrome’s default keyboard layout, this one’s for you. But you’ve been warned, you’ll loose some functionality by doing so.

And if all that wasn’t enough, here are 10 additional awesome features that come with stock Google Chrome on iOS

Even without jailbreaking, Chrome is a worthy Safari alternative and packs quite a lot of features.

What do you think? Have you tried Chrome yet, or are you definitely sticking with Safari?

  • seems for me like the browsing slow and some sites dont respond…but maybe internet is down….

  • Dolphin Browser doesn’t have any jailbreak tweak and it has a beautiful download manager that downloads any file, 10 tabs (what kind of moron needs more ?), Better voice search (in-app purchase), iPad like tabs, Full screen, Safari-like refresh, Gestures, Instant link-sharing. And it’s better than Google chrome and Safari on iPhone. Google chrome is equal to it on the iPad. So just because it’s Google Chrome doesn’t mean it’s the same as the one on your pc and macs. People downloaded it that much because of their affection to it on their laptops. Keep in mind that Google gave up a lot of more features to get Chrome on iOS.

    • billypuntove

      People who uses more than 10 tabs are morons?
      How unnecessary was that insult there?
      These why we don’t get nice things.

      • I’m not saying people who use more than 10 tabs are morons, but it’s just sick to open more than 10 tabs, I mean you are browsing on an iPhone and seriously opening many tabs on Chrome sucks. When you browse on an iPhone it’s pretty plausible that you shouldn’t open many tabs. And why are you considering this as an insult ? Have you compared Dolphin Browser and Google Chrome ? Post a video or an article that PROVES that Chrome for iOS is better than dolphin browser with jailbreak and without it,

      • billypuntove

        My comment had absolutely nothing to do with Chrome vs. Dolphin. The “insult” part is that you are calling (and you can read your comment again) anyone who opens more than 10 tabs some kind of moron. I’m not going to keep arguing about, I just thinks that kind of talk takes objectivity away from your review and has no place in a comment section like this one.

      • Lol, what type of thing is that you need to open 1000+ tabs. I would be perfectly happy with 10+.

    • I agree. I was making the same point about other browser (Mercury) which is just better than Chrome. However you cant argues with the fanboys. They will wait months for new tweaks for chrome, whereas other browsers already offer much superior functionality.

  • Safari & Sleipnizer = best browser ever 🙂 faster than computer 😉

    • Right on, and swipe safari and SDM and few more. 😀

    • I just download Sleipnizer for Safari and you wasn’t lieing about super charging WOW. FULL SAFARI HAS NOTHING ON THIS. Its a little disappointing that Apple can’t just update the default Apps with tweaks like this.

  • Manuel Molina

    Sticking to Safair. I like Chrome but way to use to the bar in the bottom of Safair. That’s sounds trivia, but I miss it everytime I use Chrome.

  • I’ve been using it since it was released. And I think the only tweak you really need to have a great Chrome experience is “BrowserChooser”, nothing more nothing less. 😉

  • seyss

    I feel like the only one who still prefers Safari over slow (imo) Chrome

    • It just funny how people seems to be hyped about such a relatively simple browser like Chrome. The post here is a good evidence. To get well functioning browser you need 10 tweaks and probably more, Instead just buy Mercury, iCab, Atomic Browser they are already ahead of the game.

      Btw, I prefer Safari with 10 tweaks which really enhance the functionality. IN case of chrome these tweaks just help chrome to catch up with the rest.

  • CollegiateLad

    Chrome is nice, but I prefer Safari. I downloaded it(like everyone else), but have since deleted it kinda how I did the Skyfire flash browser when it was first released.

  • chjode

    Nice video, Jeff! The desktop/mobile/device syncing sold me on Chrome for iOS. I also set it as my default browser and I’m quite happy with the performance.

  • The incognito browser uhmm yeah I wonder what people use it the most for :p

    • Aleksander Azizi

      Duh! Shopping for gift’s and not letting anybody know what you bought them, what else would it be used for ? :p

  • Only reason I see to use chrome is if you already use chrome on your computer and want to have your tabs synced up n all your devices. Otherwise if you use safari on your computer tab syncing will come n mountain lion and iOS 6 and then it will just be a matter of choice whether you like chrome or safari.

  • Why jeff is obsessed with google chrome?! It’s annoying..

    • I was thinking the same. It is good to post a extended article about all tweaks for chrome. But I feel like I keep seeing this chrome stuff on iDownloadblog almost everyday. A bit annoying.

  • Appeal to JEFF!!

    Make a post like this but about all useful Safari tweaks. They seem to be more relevant and more people will find it helpful.

  • Appletiser

    i had chrome, now i dont. for my usage it was just too laggy when scrolling through web pages and it seemed to take a little longer to fire up. i don’t miss the bookmark tie in with my pc and that was more or less the only feature it had going for it that i wanted to try

    • Try Grazing for iOS Devices or Full Screen Safari with your iDevice is Jailbroken.

  • I know this story is about Chrome but does anyone know a we’re I can get an SMS Bookmarklet for iPhone. I luv sending my friends link but having to copy and paste all the time

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    got chrome the day it was released and havent looked back…even without the JB tweaks i would still use it over safari

  • I can’t read this on my iPhone

    • Irfan Tarique

      Same here dude… this happened to me too on ios 6

  • momerathe

    there are a bunch of third party browsers that are better than either Safari or Chrome.

    • mercury, iCab, atomic browser

  • Stephan Uebelhör

    It * Is * Slow. Sorry dudes, Chrome for iOS right now is far from usable.

  • I am sorry but this statistic does not tell you anything except popularity. It is like saying that because everyone listen to Justin Bieber it means he is the best singer out there, Internet Explorer got 20 percent which we all know how badly it sucks. I personally use only OPERA (2%) and Safari (4%). Two best browsers. Dont even look at Chrome.

    • deepdvd

      Exactly. That was my point. It’s popular. The statistics keep going up too. Check it out again. In my opinion, when people don’t use the built-in browser (IE or Safari), it means it’s popular because it’s better as opposed to just “there”.

      • Damian W

        popular does not equal better! Otherwise Britney Spears and Justing Bieber are the best singers ever!

        Well, I admit I like Chrome too, but only because it is a bit more compatible on Windows 8 than other browsers.

        On Mac, I dont even want to look at chrome, safari is crazy smooth and opera runs quickly too.

  • Despite all of these jailbreak enhancements, the one crucial feature missing from Chrome (in my opinion) is Readability (Reader button). If they create a tweak for that, I may jump on the Chrome bandwagon. Until then, I’m sticking with Safari.

  • Despite all of these jailbreak enhancements, the one crucial feature missing from Chrome (in my opinion) is Readability (Reader button). Until Chrome has that, I’m sticking with Safari.