So you finally got around to jailbreaking your new iPad, and you’re wondering which apps and tweaks are the best? Don’t worry, iDB has you covered. We’ve taken the time to test out some of the best tweaks available for the new iPad to ensure that they perform as expected on the latest 5.1.1 firmware.

While many of the items shown here work great on the iPhone, the list was compiled strictly with the new iPad in mind. For that reason, just because you see an item on the list doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll play 100% nice with an iPhone or iPod touch.

Take a look inside for the top 10 jailbreak tweaks for the new iPad


Blutrol is a niche jailbreak app, but if you happen to fall into that niche, then oh how sweet it is. This is a tweak that allows you to map iCade joysticks to games that don’t necessarily support the iCade. An absolute must have tweak for iCade owners.
Price: $9.99
Repo: BigBoss
Additional Coverage: Blutrol Jailbreak Tweak Makes iCade Infinitely More Useful

Springtomize 2

From the same developer as PasswordPilot, Springtomize 2 is the ultimate iOS customization tool. If you’ve ever had an urge to customize a certain aspect of your device, then chances are Springtomize can do the deed. I consider this tweak to be an absolute staple, because it just does so much. Springtomize 2 takes the place of about 50+ different individual tweaks and rolls them all into one huge package.
Price: $2.99
Repo: BigBoss
Additional Coverage: ‘Springtomize 2′ Updated with Native iPad Support

PaswordPilot Pro

PasswordPilot is an amazing tweak that allows you to store your App Store password so that you don’t have to reenter it when making purchases or upgrades. If you’re someone who’s often trying new apps from the App Store, then you know how annoying it can be to have to continuously enter your password. The Pro version of PasswordPilot goes the extra mile; it has compatibility with Find My Friends, can be set to only work with app upgrades, and even has the ability to store multiple users. This is one of the tweaks that I miss most when I don’t have the luxury of having a jailbroken device.
Price: $1.99
Repo: BigBoss
Additional Coverage: PasswordPilot Auto-Enters Your App Store Password


iOS doesn’t come with a Finder like OS X does on the Mac, but iFile is the next best thing. This tool lets you manage files within the device’s native file structure. It can do everything from file renaming, compressing, uncompressing, installing, copy, paste; you name it, it does it. iFile even features an enhanced interface for the iPad to take advantage of the additional screen size. I consider this to be another jailbreak staple.
Price: BigBoss
Repo: Free Trial/$3.99
Additional Coverage: Why Every Jailbreak Power User Needs iFile


Sure you can multitask on the iPad, but can you run multiple windows at the same time side-by-side? If you have Quasar installed, you can. Quasar is a relatively new tweak that allows you to manage multiple windows on screen at once. It’s pretty amazing to see in person, but its practicality is a bit questionable. Quasar was recently updated with Retina display support for the new iPad, and continues to receive regular updates to make the experience even better. This is one of those tweaks that sounds great on paper, but it’s not something you will necessarily use each day. Still, its coolness alone makes it a must try for those who own jailbroken iPads.
Price: BigBoss
Repo: $9.99
Additional Coverage: New iPad jailbreak tweak ‘Quasar’ allows for true iPad window based multitasking


Editing text on iOS can be a royal pain in the butt, but SwipeSelection alleviates most of that pain with intuitive cursor controls and editing functions. The iPad has always been great for writing text, but not so great for editing. That’s no longer the case thanks to the helpful multitouch editing that SwipeSelection brings to the fore.
Price: Free
Repo: BigBoss
Additional Coverage: iPad text editing concept comes to life thanks to this jailbreak tweak

Dashboard X

This tweak is still early in its developmental life, but it’s showing great promise, especially on the iPad’s large screen. Dashboard X allows you to take Notification Center widgets, and widgets exclusively created for Dashboard X, and display them anywhere on your Home screen. Dashboard X was made with the iPad in mind, and with a few additional dedicated widgets, it could challenge IntelliScreen X as one of the most compelling reasons to jailbreak the iPad.
Price: $1.99
Repo: ModMyi
Additional Coverage: This new tweak gives you a dedicated page for widgets


No media player on iOS has as much potential as XBMC. If you’ve used XBMC for any length of time on any other platform, then you know exactly what to expect with XBMC on the iPad. There’s so much potential here, that it’s beyond the scope of this article to go in depth about it. Be  sure to check out our other XBMC posts to get an idea of what I’m talking about.
Price: Free
Additional Coverage: How to Install XBMC on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch


MountainLionCenter relocates the Notification Center pane to the right side of your device. This makes it possible to access notifications and other vital information much like the way you do on OS X Mountain Lion, hence the name. MountainLionCenter makes Notification Center a lot more user friendly, and it’s free to boot. I highly recommend you at least give it a try.
Price: Free
Repo: BigBoss
Additional Coverage: MountainLionCenter brings OS X’s Notification Center back to iOS


IntelliScreenX is one of the best jailbreak tweaks of all time, and for good reason. It lets you easily access your Twitter timeline, Email, Facebook, and RSS feeds directly from iOS 5’s Notification Center. On the iPhone this is nice, but on the iPad, it’s an even greater luxury, because it makes Notification Center actually worth using. If there’s absolutely one tweak that you must install on your iPad, I’d say it’s definitely IntelliScreenX. Don’t look at it as a replacement for dedicated apps for Email, Facebook, and Twitter; look at it as an awesome supplement. It also goes very well together with MountainLionCenter.
Price: $9.99
Repo: BigBoss
Additional Coverage: IntelliScreenX: The Way Notification Center Should Be

So, what do you think about our top 10 list? Do you agree, or do you feel we should have omitted or included a particular app or tweak? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. We’re anxious to hear your feedback!

  • Honestly I think Zephyr should be on the list. It makes multitasking so easy

    • M_AlO

      I love zephyr, but sometimes its just annoying when playing games.

      • You can disable it for games! just go to settings…

      • M_AlO

        I know, but it’s a bother when you’ve got like over 600 apps..

    • Triplese7en

      There is no need to put Zephyr as the iPad is already compatible with multitasking gestures !

      • M_AlO

        Yes, the iPad already has multitasking gestures, but Zephyr allows you to choose how many fingers you want to multitask with. So, I prefer using it than the original one.

    • I prefer the official multitasking gestures…

    • MohamedHassabo1

      I think there is no reason for it on the iPad when you have multitasking gestures…

  • Retinapad and fullforce

    • I dont think there any need to install retina pad on the new iPad cus it already has a retina display and apps look just as good at 2x without retinapad

      • As far as I know the Apps look like non-retina apps on the retina display. still better than the iPad 1/2’s 2x Mode…

      • SimonReidy

        I remember reading that Apple updated this, but only for the new iPad. All iPhone apps will be rendered with retina assets if present now. On the new iPad I’m guessing RetinaPad would only be of use for Cydia iPhone apps with retina graphics.

        FullForce is still a handy tweak for apps that you’d rather stretch than double in size though. It works reasonably well for Sparrow for instance.

  • Paul Maniscalchi

    How about an in depth tutorial on how to get the most out of XBMC on the iPad? Most people have an idea what it is but not how to maximize its potential.

    • skychet

      after reading this article i installed xbmc on my iphone 4s, downloaded the espn plug in, clicked on a video and it doesn’t actually load. tried this for the food network plug in, hgtv plug in… all the same result. checked the forums and FAQ on the xbmc site, nothing. jeff, you said you’d make a follow up video on xbmc for ios. maybe now’s a good time.

  • SimonReidy

    Fullscreen Safari for iPad is a great tweak. ProTube HD is also a decent replacement for the crappy default YouTube app.

    • M_AlO

      I prefer Swipe Safari. I think it better than Fullscreen Safari. And I haven’t used Protube, but from the trailer it looks like the mobile version of YouTube plus a downloading feature.

      • SimonReidy

        Thanks for the tip. Does “Swipe Safari” have a fullscreen mode that you can enable via a gesture? I don’t care about the gestures as much as I do the ability to go completely fullscreen with a 3 finger tap. I’ll check it out if it supports fullscreen though.

        Regarding ProTube, you’re right that it’s essentially a wrapper for the YouTube Mobile website. However with better cookie support it always retains your login details, its faster to load than loading up YouTube in Safari, you can change resolution, and it supports downloading video and audio too. One of it’s best features is the supplementary “Open in ProTube” tweak, that redirects any YouTube links to ProTube instead of the crappy default YouTube app (which along with Googe Maps hasn’t seen a signficiant upgrade since it was first released on iOS in 2007). It’s not perfect, but certainly worth the purchase (buy the “HD” iPad version and you get the iPhone version included too)

      • M_AlO

        Yeah, it does. You enable fullscreen mode by double tapping with two fingers. I think you should check out the video Jeff made, it’s essentially the same but on the iPads big screen instead of the iPhone. I think it’s one of the best tweaks out there for people who surf the web as much as I do.

        Hmm, I’ve always hated the stock YouTube app, so I guess I should try Protube HD? I like that you get the iPhone version for free, that’s a nice bonus. Gonna give it a try.

  • I’m glad Springtomize made the list, because if it didn’t, then that’s a facepalm.

  • Dan

    dashboard… no really good widgets yet, too bad
    MountainLionCenter… needs an option to disable in game, or can be really frustrating

    Imo,this list proves that there aren’t many great tweaks for iPad

    • I see you comment very often on iDB, the sad thing is that you only write shit…

      • Dan

        In what way is my comment shit exactly?

        I mentioned that there are no good widgets yet on dashboard, which is true and that MountainLionCenter should have an option so that we can disable it in game like Zephyr.

        And I said IMO (in my opinion in case you’re ignorant of this abbreviation). You can’t argue that there are far better tweaks on the iPhone than the iPad.

        As I look through your repertoire of comments, you don’t seem to post groundbreaking ideas either buddy.

        Good day to you!

      • DashboardX has so much potential… I don’t know why there is so less apps for it.

        There should be like whole designer:
        u could basically do whole new interface over the stock one. Add new buttons change the colors in the way u want, improve the interface and so on..

        Imagine how much u could get out of it(!)

    • JamesR624

      Yep. Tried dashboard x. WAY too many positioning problems. Quasar is so buggy it shouldn’t even be considered a tech demo. MountainLionCenter, NO way to get out of the notification center easily without the home button. Almost all the things listed are either too niche to be useful, or way too buggy and unfinished. I honestly don’t like the cydia store. It goes against the freedom and “no-money-hungry” philosophy, and it lets people CHARGE for junk that doesn’t even work. Ive used android and while iOS jailbroken can do anything android can, you have to pay out the ass to do so! This isn’t free, its just shifting the money grabbing from Apple (a respected and known business) to a bunch of developers with no business, no credibility, and no history.

    • Agreed! i think MountainLionCenter and even Multi Gestures from iOS 5 should have an option to disable them on Games and Music (geo synth, Sampletank, GarageBand, etc) apps. Something like a switch On/Off on Settings…

  • I’m a big fan of Blutrol – but I wish the other features the author mentioned would have ever found their way into the tweak. I was excited about the possibly of using a Wiimote or PS3 controller with my iPad for any game that worked with Blutrol.

  • Just bought my new iPad yesterday. Its great however it bcome hot easily but who care gonna download powerfull tweaks like dashboard x mountain lin centre and quasar

  • You mixed up the price and repo for iFile and Quasar


  • Love the idea of swipeselection, but it seems to be causing issues with my typing. I believe it’s registering some of my taps as (mini) swipes, moving the cursor around mid-word and making a mess of the whole thing. Anyone else having the same problem?

    • Dan

      i have the same problem. it’s almost as much a nuissance as it is helpful lol

  • hey Jeff Benjamin how do u get deck hd on ipad??its not on cydia..;)

  • Ryan Lawrence

    All this tweaks I have in my iPhone all working very good. You should add “activator” and “NC setting” also here..

  • Tried out the intelliscreen X trial for my ipad and it did nothing but crash when i would check my NC, i uninstalled it with the quickness, im glad i got to try it before spending $10 on a buggy piece of junk..

  • eh just intelliscreenx, iFile, swipeselection and -> instead of dashboardx for music i prefer music controls pro and quasar is annoying the rest of tweaks of this list just will eat ur ram even well in ipad 3 apps run really fas

  • Anna Harris

    VoiceSearch is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to access Google’s Voice Search from anywhere in the iOS.

  • whoknowswhereor

    So what program can i use to use my wireless PS3 controller to play games, like I am doing on my Galaxy Note 2

  • Pro fun user

    Fuck it
    Best are: ncsettings . Killbackground. And point

    For fun: (google voice app) and activoice/activator