Dashboard X — the new upcoming widgeting system for iOS — has its first official widget in the works, and it’s based on Twitter.

Dashtweet is the name of the new widget, and it allows you to send tweets from anywhere on your Home screen.

This is likely the first of many official widgets designed specifically with Dashboard X in mind. Check out our video coverage of Dashtweet in action…

Dashtweet is a very simple Widget that performs one specific function — it allows you to send a tweet from wherever you decide to place it on your Home screen. The widget uses iOS 5’s built in Twitter authentication to connect to your Twitter account.

As of now the widget is still in development, as is the platform it’s based upon. Even still, we can see the potential that Dashboard X brings to the table.

The developer of Dashtweet has recently updated the widget with the ability to change the color of text, but that’s hopefully the first upgrade in a line of improvements that will make its way to the widget before it hits the public.

Admittedly, Dashtweet isn’t the most exciting prospect that one might imagine, but as stated, this is only the beginning of what will hopefully be a well supported endeavor within the jailbreak community.


  • Anonymous

    Nothing would make me happier than to have the Spotlight search bar right there where that widget is. Is possible as of now?? (jailbroken, of course)
    Please please please

    • That’s already possible I believe by just using an existing Notification Center widget.

      • Anonymous

        Does it locate the search on the springboard though? That’s what I want hehe thank you. What’s the name. I’m still interested!

  • Give us the Beta repo so we can get Dashboard X for free. Lol. I predict that it (along with Chip) will be one if the most anticipated jailbreak tweaks of May. Spot on review Jeff, as always!

    • By the way, I was joking about that first statement

    • Chip? Really? the one that changes banner notifications? I’m not really blown over by that one myself so I didn’t think anyone else would be.

      • Only because you can change the animation. If there was a standalone tweak to do so, i’m sure people would get that

  • Anonymous

    It would be good if it wasn’t Shitter, sorry Twitter. I’m done with the amount of tweaks etc for Twitter and Siri, seriously boring now but on a positive note the DashBoardX tweak itself is very good and has huge potential for widgets, i’d like to see an HTC style flip clock widget, similar to what was made for Winterboard and PerPage.

    • Dan

      I agree! I still use that perpagehtml HTC weather animated clock. Would love to see it as a dashboard widget.

      • Anonymous

        Good aint it, my only gripe with that and the one for Winterboard was the amount of memory they used, caused some lag but a nice smooth widget for this would be good.

  • Now to see Dashbook

  • finally!!!!!!!! someone finally made a twitter widget, it has been far too long for this to be done

  • im looking for a twitter feed just like intelliscreenx, any suggestions?

  • FJK

    Why are you teasing us with these Tweaks when they are not even available on Cydia! When is Dashboard X coming in Cydia ?

  • You can’t throw a stone anywhere in ios without hitting a way to send a tweet. I think Cjori (I didn’t see his name anywhere in the article) should have focused on a widget for displaying your timeline.

    Dashboard X is great because it can bring live views to the home screen much like windows phone does. That’s what widget developers should focus on.

  • Anonymous

    sounds very promising but Apple is implementing widgets in iOS 6 to be announced on the next WWDC

  • AppleManHD .

    how do you get al that beta apps?

  • Anonymous

    great idea but it looks crappy

  • I know I’m off topic here but am I the only one that can’t view any of the YouTube videos posted on this blog site from my iPhone ??

    • Anonymous

      Same here. I find it beyond ironic haha

    • Do you have Youtube set up as a restriction in the settings?

      • @Jeff no restriction buddy. My native YouTube app is hidden via Sbsettings and I’m using protube as default.

  • Anonymous

    what a tease! i want dashboard x and this widget so bad, let us know when both are released in cydia!

  • Hmmm. I might not need twitkafly anymore.

  • I would personally like to see a widget that adds animated weather to the background. Between the wallpaper and the icons preferably. There has yet to be any animated weather apps/jailbreaks that are any decent.

  • Hey, I installed dashboard X and installed dashtweet. But whenever I used the dashtweet to tweet, the tweet doesn’t appear on my twitter. Mind giving advice? Thanks (:

  • Hey why can’t I get this? Like cydia is not letting me! ;o