A former Apple TV engineer took to Twitter last night discussing the latest UI that has been implemented on the Apple TV. For those unfamiliar, the new Apple TV UI was announced at the March 7th media event, along with the new 1080p Apple TV. The new UI isn’t much of a change, but brings larger buttons to the home page. Some love it, many hate it.

Michael Margolis, who formerly served as an Apple TV UI designer, said on his Twitter last night that Steve Jobs said no to the latest UI changes five years ago, however Apple’s senior executives recently approved the new UI…

Margolis further tweeted that “Nobody is [at Apple] to say no to bad design.” Aka, since Steve Jobs has passed away, many things are flying by that wouldn’t have under his rule. Another example is the 4G indicator that AT&T included in Apple’s iOS 5.1 update. Many say Steve Jobs would have never let that fly.

The Apple TV is still considered a hobby device at the Apple HQ. The Cupertino-based company is said to be working on a brand new Apple TV that will revolutionize the industry, but the current $99 Apple TV is not a main focus. The company sold a record 1.4 million units last quarter.

Our own Jeff Benjamin took a look at the new UI a few weeks ago and had mixed feelings about it.

Steve Jobs told biographer Walter Isaacson that he had “cracked” a new TV, but Apple has yet to reveal anything. Maybe late 2012, or early 2013 we’ll see what Jobs had in mind.

What do you think of Apple now that Steve Jobs is gone?


  • I’m just glad to be on a firmware version and on a hardwar device that Steve Jobs approved. I agree the 4G icon is dumb, and I’ve never used an apple tv but if a lot of people say its bad, then it’s gotta be.

    • a smit

      it’s not that “bad” -all it is just icons used to get to each function of the Apple TV – not much different then the older menu system…. although you can tell it’s sorta half baked ( the ‘preview’ screen scrolls up and disappears when you scroll to icons on the lower rows)

      people really need to get their heads out of this banal and shallow way of looking at GUI’s as having to be extra glossy and pretty – if it works, why complain?

      • Anonymous

        “if it works, why complain” … Are you being serious right there? Maybe you are happy with products and UI’s etc that look like shit but you are very much a minority.

        Let me ask you a question, if you were buying a car and it was scratched to fuck, paint was faded and had a door missing yet it was as expensive as any other rival I guess you’d buy it right, after all, if it works, why complain !!! That is a ridiculous way to think.

      • Anonymous

        Apple is known for having “extra glossy and pretty” GUI’s, that’s why it matters.

  • If Steve jobs said no to this design 5 years ago , is the new CEO the right man for the job ? And what would Steve jobs think of this this.. ? Steve said no to this for a reson , is this a step backwards for apple

    • Anonymous

      Apple will decline massively without Steve, mark my words !!

      • wow your psycho love affair with the evil SJ delights me. stop worshiping an evil dead man. its beyond pathetic.

      • Anonymous

        WTF are you on, pyscho love affair? you came to that strange assumption based on me saying he was the reason Apple are where they are today, that’s incorrect is it, I think not .. Let me enlighten you on something, I own an iPod and an Android phone and I, like many others, know exactly why Apple are sucsessful, now if that somehow transpires into a a pathetic pyscho love affair then you need help.

        You seem to have real anger towards Steve Jobs, why is that? You’re on an Apple blog dude, if you don’t like what people say then stfu and jog on, i’m only surprised that 5 retarded simpletons liked your comment but then I shouldn’t ever be surprised by the type of cockpiece that trolls the internet.

      • i just think you should buy some of SJ’s ashes and marry them. you dont have to be such a baby and get upset about it. grow up, you’re just a troll. look at all your comments on this page. just attacking people. you should apologize. or you can’t humble yourself to do that?

      • Anonymous

        Although BatesOut might “attack” people, I still don’t get why you should tease them about them “loving” Steve Jobs.

  • Anonymous

    Steve Jobs also said no to the nano, video on iPod, and an AppStore for the iPhone.

    He said no to A LOT of things that eventually materialized. Guess he was just human after all.

    I gotta say though, I like the updated UI.

    • G

      Thank you, this has eased my concerns

    • I agree, the old UI was kind of frustrating to navigate around, the one change I REALLY want, is make the Remote app show the screen of the apple tv now, so we can just select what we want, instead of the gigantic touchpad they display in the app.

  • Tim cook is his own man and he should be allowed to do as he wants as long as he pleases the shareholders and most of the consumers why would he be beholden to someone else’s wishes that’s counterproductive man

    • G

      Really? As long as he pleases the shareholders?! As a shareholder myself, I’d much rather Tim Cook concern himself with releasing incredible products. The money will undoubtedly follow

  • G

    This is exactly the kind of news I hope to never read again

  • Theres been lots of things that was strange since steve jobs left apple and we saw some even here on idb post … Apple, as we use to know it ,is gone with steve jobs ….

  • I bet the iPad 3 wouldnt have had lte with Steve alive. because of the heating stuff.

  • I prefer Apple with Steve Jobs. The whole company had so much discipline with him as the CEO….

  • I’m new to apple tv.
    What can I do if I JB my apple tv?

  • Anonymous

    The UI for Apple TV is terrible. TERRIBLE. they shold be embarassed. Square icons with and incomplte with to missing at the bottom. I assume thats until they get my subscribers. Compare it to Roku! I know because I have them both. Not to mention the only really useful channel in Netflix.