Recap of Tim Cook’s comments at the Goldman Sachs Conference

We listened in on the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference today as Tim Cook fielded some questions about the current state of Apple. Cook has spoken at the conference in the past, but this is his first time doing so as Apple’s CEO.

Tim talked about everything from Apple’s supply chain problems, which we covered earlier, to its plans for future iPhone growth. He also dropped a lot of interesting facts and insight, so if you didn’t get a chance to listen to the call, here’s our recap…

  • Apple’s sold 17 million more iPhones last quarter than its previous record high
  • Apple expects to hit 1 billion iPhone units by 2015, with approximately 25 percent of that coming from China and Brazil
  • Apple now has more than 100 million iCloud users
  • Apple sold just under 3 million Apple TVs during 2011, with 1 million sold last quarter

On that final bullet point, Cook mentioned once again that the Apple TV is still a hobby at this point. He did, however, give some insight into Apple’s future in the TV industry, saying that the company would have to come up with something “special” to make “TV a serious category for Apple.”

Other notable comments by the CEO were that he spends close to 90% of his day on his iPad, he can’t live without Siri, and his candid thoughts on competition: “I love competition… As long as people invent their own stuff, I love competition.”

Hmm…who could he be referring to?