About that Whole Samsung Copying Apple Thing…

Most of you know by now that Apple and Samsung are in a grueling court battle. Back in April the Cupertino company filed a lawsuit against Samsung for violating its “trade dress,” or in layman’s terms, blatantly copying its device designs.

The ongoing litigation has resulted in a temporary ban of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and other devices in multiple countries, and the two companies are about to square off here in the US. Judging by this new “evidence,” I’d say Apple has the upper hand…

John Gruber of Daring Fireball points to this interesting collage of photos that recently surfaced on Reddit. The images show several instances of Samsung getting “inspiration” for everything from the the design of its tablet, to its device packaging, and even its USB cable.

You can argue all you want about Apple’s claims that Samsung copied the iPad’s design. You can even say that Apple can’t trademark a thin, rectangle case design because it’s the natural evolution of tablets.

But you can’t say that Samsung isn’t copying Apple in multiple aspects. It’s like Apple is the smart kid in class who always gets straight A’s on tests, and Samsung just got caught cheating.

What’s your take on Apple’s copycat accusations? The comparions above seem to be proof enough.