Apple Sells Record 1.4 Million Apple TVs Last Quarter

About an hour ago, Apple announced its biggest quarter in company history. Tim Cook’s team sold more iPhones and made more money than Apple ever has in a three month period.

Also on today’s list of Apple’s broken records is the amount of Apple TVs it sold during the holiday quarter. Apparently, the little $99 media box is a $100 million dollar product for the company…

Cook announced today that Apple sold 1.4 million Apple TV 2s during its Q4 of 2011 — the most it’s sold in a quarter since it released the iOS-based device back in October of 2010. But despite its success, the CEO still describes the device as a hobby.

“I can’t live without my Apple TV. We still classify this as a hobby, but we continue to add things to it. We will continue to pull strings and see where we can take it.”

Apple has long been rumored to be working on a full-blown, connected TV set. We’ve heard a lot of gossip regarding its screen size(s) and other features, but obviously none of it has materialized yet.

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