Apple Smashes Expectations and Reports Record Financial Results for Last Quarter

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After missing expectations during the third quarter last year, all eyes were on Apple in 2011’s Q4. Tim Cook and company made seemingly impossible projections for the three month period, and everyone has been watching to see if Apple could deliver.

Well the results are in today, and not only did Apple meet its own lofty expectations, but it blew every metric out of the water. For example, it predicted it would sell 30 million iPhones. And it actually sold 37 million. Keep reading for the full report…

  • iPhone Units Sold: 37.04 million (30.2 million expected)
  • iPad Units Sold: 15.4 million (13 million expected)
  • iPod Units Sold: 15.4 million (13.9 million expected)
  • Mac Units Sold: 5.2 million (5 million expected)
  • Revenue: $46.33 billion ($38.76 billion expected)
  • Earnings Per Share $13.87 ($10.07)

According to BusinessInsider, Apple now has $97 billion in cash, short term, and long term securities. That’s insane! We’re listening in on Apple’s quarterly earnings call, and will let you know if we hear anything else exciting.