And the Siri tweaks just keep rolling in. Lingual is one of the first 3rd party extensions for the awesome AssistantExtensions tweak that we covered earlier. It allows you to translate phrases or text into a variety of languages from the comforts of the Siri interface, and it’s awesome for language learners and travelers.

It really is amazing what some developers have been able to do in the short period that the iPhone 4S has been jailbroken, and this one is nothing short of spectacular.

Lingual supports over 30 languages, including the following: Arabic, Czech, Danish, German, Estonian, Finnish, French, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Haitian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian, polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Russian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukranian, Vietnamese, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

After installing it, all you need to do is Say, “translate [phrase] to [language]” or, “what’s [phrase] in [language]”, and let Siri handle the rest.

You will need the AssistantExtensions tweak installed for Lingual to work, as it piggybacks that tweak as one of the first extensions to take advantage of the platform.

CodeThemed, the developers of the tweak, really outdid themselves, and although the tweak isn’t yet perfect, it’s impressive how well it works at this stage. What’s even sweeter is that they plan to release it for free.

Lingual should be available in the near future, and we’ll be sure to update you once it touches down on Cydia.

Are you impressed? Could you see yourself using this?

UPDATE: Lingual is now available in Cydia. Go get it!

  • Anonymous

    Vey cool

  • Mine just brings up Wolfram, I has the tweak installed, any others?

    • Anonymous

      Lingual should be available in the near future, and we’ll be sure to update you once it touches down on Cydia.

    • Just installed, works flawlessly.

  • patrick villanueva

    It seems promising but I’m scared it might slow down my phone. Jeff, did the AssistantExtensions tweak slow your phone down?

    • No.

      • Anonymous

        can i use this as a translator i mean like a page long document?

      • Anonymous

        Lol yeah the Spanish part was right

      • no it wasn’t…it’s esta not es

      • Anonymous

        No its es, well in Spain it is, and I think thats where the language came from 😉

  • Anonymous

    So many potential.

  • If only it could pronounce it back to you

  • If only it could pronounce if for you as well, now that would be amazing

  • Why Polish starts with small letter ? :-p

  • This blows google translate right out of the hemisphere. Like others mentioned, it would be the killertweak if it would talk back. Maybe even convincing enough to get a 4s for it, I mean, how much does a dedicated audio translator cost these days?

    One big downside though is you can’t quickly switch from EN – language to language -EN. So not that handy if you want to converse with it.

  • Finally Siri is becoming useful…

  • doesnt work well with hebrew .
    i just tried translate Hello To Hebrew .
    didnt work .

  • Anonymous

    Need a tweak that when Siri is asking to confirm something you can say “Engage” to confirm it.

  • promising!!
    i will look for it indeed after i get the Cydia working properly 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Why do you have written Polish without capital letter? Others are starting with capital letter, so that’s strange…

  • I’m very impressed. Sure Apple is gonna pick that one up.
    Congrats to the developers.

  • This is just awsome 🙂

    Works like a charm, good work 🙂

  • It makes my springboard crash 🙁

  • If you want a laugh say translate sixty-four to French , the answer is 64

    • Lol it tries to translate sixty four as 64 and obviously the answer is 64 😛

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, but after trying, it does not read it back to you (which would be wayyy cooler).

    Wish there was audio playback support!

  • I can’t find it on cydia. some help plz

  • just tested that tweak is crazyyy best so far for siri 😛

  • Adeel Akram

    I’m the same as Tik Thaker, can’t find it on cydia. Any ideas?

  • This is absolutely amazing

  • Anonymous


  • David B

    Ahh! it said “donde es la parada” but it should say “donde esta la parada!”

  • Anonymous

    I have a 4s but I installed on my sons Ipod 4g and it seems to work ok. Voice recognition is on par with Siri or maybe even a little better. Even though it has problems with servers I really think this app will be equal to Siri in her current state. What we all thought was so amazing and magical with siri turns out to be accomplished by a hack at home. I have the new tweaks on my JB iphone s and I can’t believe Apple is holdingn out. Some wekend hacker made a tweak equal to Siri over the weekend.