Each new year brings with it new hope, new resolutions, and if you’re one of the many that rely on their iPhone for their alarm clock, then it usually also brings with it a late start.

Owners of iOS devices have often found that the changing of the time to allow for daylight savings, or even a whole new year, can often result in missed alarms or alarms simply refusing to work at all. It’s one of the joys of iPhone ownership, and it’s a problem that keeps rearing its ugly head.

So here we are, two days into 2012, and it seems that the problem is manifesting itself all over again. According to Engadget, it appears to be affecting owners of devices running iOS 4.2.1 or lower only. Now on to the fix…

Update to the latest version of iOS! It’s that simple.

And why wouldn’t you? With iOS 5, Apple added all sorts of bells and whistles, as well as completely redesigning the way notifications are handled across the entire OS. It’s awesome, assuming you don’t stray too far from a charging outlet.

Unfortunately, if you’re an iPhone 3G user, then you may be out of luck. Apple’s older iPhones cannot upgrade beyond iOS 4.2.1, meaning it may be time to drop the cash on a new handset.

Why Apple seems to struggle so much with making an alarm clock work, we’re not really sure. Given the fact that watches, clocks, and pretty much anything else with a microchip in it seems to manage just fine, we’re a little concerned that the cumulative programming power of Apple’s Cupertino employees can’t seem to get a handle on this.

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    What a waste of an article and my time. Smart ass idiot, I’m going to redmondpie from now on.

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      i’ll admit it was a pretty useless article

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      Jeff’s voice keeps me away from other sites except iDB lol.

    • Yes please go read Redmond Pie. I promise it won’t break our hearts.

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      Yeah, go on, do it. That way you can read the stories there first instead of waiting for Oliver to copy and paste them here 😉

  • I’m on 4.2.1 and this is NOT an issue for me. Besides, I got enough JB goodies to keep me away from 5.0.1 until they get iOS 5 right

    • Have you tried it? If not you should at least try to get your SHSH for iOS 5.0.1 for the untether if you choose to change your mind later on. Give it a thought

  • maybe depends of your location if you are under time changing scheme, maybe?

  • And the fix win are…

    the problem is continius on iOS 5

  • Come on guys… I hate when people constantly flame iDB but garbage like this deserves it. Let’s get some quality control going here, please?

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    I only opened this article up to Flame it, but it appears you guys have it all under control 😉

  • i have this alarm problem but i can’t update my iphone to ios5 because i have an iphone 3g.

    • Anonymous

      make all of your alarms recurring, and they will work. bit of a PITA, since you’ll have to turn them off manually, but it works

  • sandy jones

    What the hell? This doesn’t tell me anything. Useless crap

  • My 4s alarm is still hit or miss. If I set it for weekdays, it doesn’t work at all.

  • Digiadam

    This issue has started up again on both an iphone 5S with 8.4 and on an iPad Mini with the newest iOS 9 Public Beta.

    Dammit Apple!!!!