Now that LimeRa1n is out, lucky (debatable) Windows owners get to jailbreak. What’s the first thing you installed? Or for the rest of us, what’s your first going to be?

Or, let’s say you’re on a desert island, and you had just jailbroken your iPhone with limera1n. You can grab ONE app from Cydia, and then lose your ability to open Cydia again.

What’s your one jailbreak app or tweak that you’ve been lusting for while anxiously awaiting a 4.1 jailbreak and reading the new tweak articles in this blog? What is that ONE package you can’t live without?

For me, it was SBSettings for ages until I ponied up $3 for the Action Menu Plus Pack, and became dependent on Favorites and Clipboard History. So, Action Menu will be my first install. Then, I’ll wait for at least a few hours before I cave and download everything.

What’s yours?

  • Tony

    Hey there I upgraded from iOS 4.0 to 4.1 via iTunes. I then ran the limera1n process with success. Got cydia installed and then added the hackulo repo. The repo URL is right, but when I click on the hackulo source in cydia, there’s no content. I double checked on my iPad (on which I ran the same process) and it has install0us and several other packages listed in it. So I know something is wrong. Anyone having issues getting install0us on their iPhone 4 with iTunes upgraded iOS 4.1? Let me know if you have any suggestions.

    • Taimur

      mmm have had no issues although u should recheck hackulo source but first of all reboot ur device then turn on cydia make sure its not in the multitasking bar should be totally closed then reboot and let cydia load completely when its done try it then and which version install you got ?? 3.3.5 is the latest

    • In general, I also have had some trouble adding additional repos in Cydia. I haven’t tried any of the flagged repos, but some that used to work for me now produce “Not Found” errors. I’m guessing it’s a 4.1 bug.

  • SweetRedVoice

    TetherMe/iTether, so that I can activate native tethering and use iPhone cellular Data for WiFi only iPad.

  • radrockclimmber

    I have an iphone 3g running ios 4.1. limera1n does not yet support iphone 3g only the 3g touch. I was however able to jailbreak using redsnow without downgrading my firmware. If there is anyone else using an iphone 3g I would love to hear how you did it.

  • radrockclimmber

    to answer the question it was definatly mywi, sb settings, winterboard, and installious

  • tl1kr

    radrockclimber, i used Limera!n on my iphone 3G (S) ios 4.1 with no problems

  • Dian

    Mywi always crashed on my iphone.. Can you tell me how to fix this?

  • oscar

    nobody mentioned this one, but my first download from Cydia would have to be Ultrasn0w!