What Will Your First 4.1 Jailbreak App Be?

Now that LimeRa1n is out, lucky (debatable) Windows owners get to jailbreak. What’s the first thing you installed? Or for the rest of us, what’s your first going to be?

Or, let’s say you’re on a desert island, and you had just jailbroken your iPhone with limera1n. You can grab ONE app from Cydia, and then lose your ability to open Cydia again.

What’s your one jailbreak app or tweak that you’ve been lusting for while anxiously awaiting a 4.1 jailbreak and reading the new tweak articles in this blog? What is that ONE package you can’t live without?

For me, it was SBSettings for ages until I ponied up $3 for the Action Menu Plus Pack, and became dependent on Favorites and Clipboard History. So, Action Menu will be my first install. Then, I’ll wait for at least a few hours before I cave and download everything.

What’s yours?