WWDC 2019

Apple beefs up security in macOS Catalina

Apple is beefing up security in macOS Catalina

Apple added new security-related features to iOS 13, and the company is not missing out on the opportunity to do the same for its desktop operating system as well. After initially announcing macOS Catalina at this year's WWDC, Apple also detailed a few new security features launching later this year.

Thirteen features iOS 13 and iPadOS ‘borrowed’ from the jailbreak community

At WWDC 2019, Apple introduced both iOS 13 and iPadOS, each of which sim to significantly augment the features available on Apple’s mobile device lineup. But like most annual upgrades to iOS, it’s clear that Apple received inspiration for new features from the jailbreak community, which continues to tweak Apple’s mobile operating system to this very day.

In this piece, we’ll discuss thirteen new features from Apple’s upcoming iOS 13 and iPadOS mobile operating systems that the jailbreak community had first.

watchOS 6 introduces Cycle Tracking to the Apple Watch

Cycle Tracking is being introduced in watchOS 6

Health and fitness has been a major focal point for Apple for quite some time, especially as it relates to the features baked into several of its products. That remains the case with watchOS 6, the newest version of the mobile operating system for the Apple Watch, which introduces Cycle Tracking to the mix.

macOS Catalina brings Screen Time to Mac

Screen Time is coming to macOS Catalina

Screen Time was introduced in iOS not too long ago, and the app, while it has its limitations, is a solid foundation for a tool that allows users to control app and device usage on their iOS devices. For parents, it's an easy, built-in way to help monitor and control their child's usage, too. And now Screen Time is coming to Mac.

Craig Federighi goes into detail about iPadOS, Catalyst, and more in new interview

Craig Federighi sits down with MacStories Federico Viticci

Craig Federighi is Apple's SVP of Software Engineering, and he had plenty of time on stage at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote to talk about a lot of the new things Apple is launching this year. But now that the keynote is wrapped up, Federighi is making the rounds, discussing those features, and offering up a few more tidbits of information along the way.