Woman sues Apple after walking into one of its retail store’s glass doors

Just when we thought we had heard it all, this story surfaced. CBS New York is reporting that an 83-year old woman has filed a lawsuit against Apple after she sustained injuries walking into a glass door at its Manhassett Store in Long Island, NY.

The woman’s name is Evelyn Paswall, and she’s going after Apple for a staggering $1 million dollars in medical expenses and punitive damages. Apparently Evenlyn broke her nose during the incident, and is now suing the company for negligence…

Talk on your iPhone like it’s 1999 with the 90’s Phone Case

The styling of the iPhone 4, and now the iPhone 4S, has received a lot of praise over the past two years. It’s been described as “classic” and “retro.” In fact, Steve Jobs himself likened the handset’s design to that of a “beautiful, old Leica camera.”

But the folks at ThumbsUp! decided to create a case that would give the iPhone’s look a different kind of “classic, retro” feel. Introducing the 90’s Phone Case. The case turns your iPhone into a functional, albeit extremely bulky, flip phone…

Why is Apple hiring automotive engineers in China?

Earlier this week we talked about the possibility of Apple entering other markets to keep up its ridiculous growth pace. There’s only so far the company’s current iPhone and iPad products can take it before sales start to plateau.

When we mentioned the idea, we had no clue that the automotive industry was on Apple’s list of potential new markets. But according to a recent job listing, the Mac-makers are in search of an automotive engineer for an undisclosed project…

Service adds ‘sent from my iPhone’ to your messages for $1 a month

I’ve heard the expression, “fake it ’til you make it” but this is a bit ridiculous. The Financial Times is reporting that a new trend is starting to catch among China’s mobile users — fake iPhone signatures.

I know, an Apple-related knock off in China, big surprise. But this might actually be taking things too far. Apparently users are willing to pay money for services to auto-add ‘sent from my iPhone’ to all of their messages…

Cupidtino: a dating site for folks who love Apple products

Looking for a significant other that enjoys Apple products as much as you do? Well there’s a dating site for that. Aptly-named Cupidtino, it’s the first (and only) dating service that matches up Apple fanboys and fangirls.

The site has been around for quite some time, but we figured with today being Valentine’s Day, why not mention it? So if you’re still looking for that special person, and prefer someone from within the Apple community, you might want to check this out…

Yummy! These Apple Products Look Delicious

It appears that Apple’s popular products haven’t just “inspired” the competition, but they’ve also influenced a certain Taiwanese bakery. It’s obvious that the cake-makers over at Comte have taken their packaging cues from the Cupertino company.

Their most popular product, the iFong, is a pineapple-flavored cake cut into 6 pieces and served up in an all-too-familiar iPhone-shaped box. But that’s not all this bakery is offering…

iPads Being Switched for Clay at Some Canadian Retail Outlets

As is the case with any desirable piece of technology, the iPad has been the unfortunate subject of more than a few scams in its time, and a new one has come to light in Canada recently.

According to reports, some unlucky buyers have picked up new iPad 2 units from some Best Buy, Future Shop, Walmart and London Drugs stores only to find that the boxes do not actually contain iPads as expected, but rather a giant grey slab of modelling clay.

It’s not even a nice color…

iPod Touch Gets Siri From iPhone 4S Backup

This is kind of interesting. After all of the attempts we’ve seen by developers to try and port Siri to non-Apple-supported devices, it appears this guy did it by simply restoring his iPod touch from an iPhone 4S profile.

How’d it happen? Well as Gordon tells it, he recently purchased a late-model white iPod touch. And instead of setting it up as a new device, he decided to restore it from an iCloud backup made from his iPhone 4S…

Batman’s iPad-Inspired Bike is Awesome!

All kinds of weird and wonderful things pop up at CES, and this year’s event was no different. Possibly the most off-the-wall thing we’ve come across has to be this custom bike, put together by Mark Abate.

If Batman had a bike made that featured an iPad and two LCD panels where the mirrors used to be, then we are fairly certain this is what it would look like! If neon lights and huge speakers aren’t enough to get your juices flowing, just look at the size of those tires…

$30,000 iPhone Speaker Dock Spotted at CES

Last month we told you about one of the world’s largest and most expensive iPhone speaker docks: the iNuke Boom. Made by Behringer, the speaker weighs over 700 pounds and can pump out a staggering 10,000 watts of power.

Want to try it out? You can, if you happen to be in Las Vegas right now. Behringer has a working iNuke on hand at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, which has completely taken over Sin City this week…

On Apple’s Mysterious GameStore App

A few days ago, a mysterious application surfaced in the App Store. GameStore, which listed Apple as its developer, popped up on December 31st of last year and was available for 3 days before getting pulled.

The odd thing is that the $0.99 app didn’t really seem to do anything. Most folks have dismissed the program as an internal in-app purchase testing tool that Apple published by mistake, but there could be more to it.

Fight Crime Like Batman and Check Facebook With This Unique iPhone Dock

iPhone docks are usually pretty straight-forward accessories. Some have attached speakers, some have built-in alarm clocks, and some even have external screens to watch videos.

But the BodyGuard by ArmStar, as you can see in the above picture, is anything but usual. This wearable iPhone dock is made from kevlar armor and contains several crime-fighting gadgets…