How to change or reset your iPhone voicemail password

When iPhone first came out in 2007, it was the first device to include Visual Voicemail, a feature that allows users to view their voicemails, scroll through them, and of course listen to them, directly from the device. With Visual Voicemail, no need to dial a number and go through an automated message system to listen to your voicemails.

Since everything is now handled directly on the phone, you can also change your voicemail password directly from your iPhone.

How to recover deleted voicemails on your iPhone

Voicemail screen on iPhone

Everyone has done it at least once. You listen to a phone message, and either you don’t think you’ll need to listen to it again, or you accidentally hit the delete button, and you’ve lost the message forever. Or maybe not...

Apple must have known that we’d all be a bunch of delete-happy maniacs that have message-erasing remorse at some point in our lives. The good news is that there is a way to undelete and recover voicemails, and we’re going to tell you how.

Libon Voicefeed is like Google Voice for those who can’t use Google Voice

Google Voice is an exceptional tool, but the problem is that it just isn't available worldwide. If, like some of the iDB team, you happen to have the audacity to live outside the United States, then you are completely out of luck.

While Google promises that Google Voice is indeed on its way beyond American borders, there are alternatives out there that do the same thing, and if you're an iPhone owner, one of those alternatives is Libon Voicefeed from developer Orange Vallee.

A free download from the App Store and compatible with a wide range of mobile phone carriers across the world, Libon Voicefeed plugs the hole left by Google's reluctance, or inability, to bring Voice to the world. And it does a very good job of it, too...

Apple sued over voicemail patents

Adding to its large array of ongoing lawsuits, Apple has been sued by patent holding company Brandywine Communications Technologies over two voicemail patents. The lawsuit was filed in a local Florida court on Tuesday, reports GigaOm.

The patents in questions are No. 6,236,717 and No. 5,719,922, which were filed in 2001 and 1998 respectively by Brandywine. One patent is officially described as...

Whip Your Phone App Into Shape With StartDial

Do you ever get annoyed when you open your Phone app and it doesn't go to the section you were expecting?

With StartDial, that problem is a thing of the past. StartDial allows you to always start at a specific section of your Phone app every time you open it by means of a predefined setting.

It's even smart enough to start at your recents whenever you have missed calls. If you make a lot of phone calls, and your iPhone is jailbroken, check out our hands-on experience with StartDial inside...

How to Get Free Visual Voicemail on T-Mobile Using ‘YouMail’

Once upon a time I unlocked my iPhone 3GS and used it on T-Mobile in order avoid AT&T's more expensive service.

It was a decent experience, but two noteworthy flaws marred it. Number one; I obviously had no 3G-network access since the iPhone doesn't contain the circuitry needed to piggyback T-Mobile's 3G network. Number two; I had no access to Visual Voicemail.

Of course there's no way to fix problem number one, that's an inherent issue regarding hardware. Problem number two, though, is fixable.

In this video tutorial, I'll show you how to use the jailbroken version of YouMail to get real visual voicemail on your iPhone for free...

Speech-to-Text Conversion Coming to iOS 5?

Following our report that iOS 5 will have voicemail transcription, a new patent has surfaced that details even more voice integration possibilities. Namely, it appears that Apple is looking into a native text-to-speech and speech-to-text converter for the iPhone.

This patent reveals some very interesting applications that could result from such a technology in iOS. Beyond the basic voice and text transcription, this patented converter could allow for a more unified experience between speech and text communication...

iOS 5 Will Transcribe Your Voicemail to Text

Following the news that Apple is partnering with Naunce for voice integration in iOS 5, we've heard from an inside source at Apple that iOS 5 will allow you to read your voicemails. Google Voice has offered voicemail transcription for quite some time, and, according to our anonymous source, Apple is hard at work to implement this type of service into iOS 5.

More cloud-based features are rumored to debut in Apple's next major release of iOS when the software is previewed at WWDC this June. A more Google-esque approach to cloud services makes sense if Apple wants to stay competitive in the cloud space. Voicemail transcription would be one more feature to beef up Apple's cloud offerings...

‘ON Voicefeed’ Makes Customizable Voicemail Greetings for iPhone Easy

When Sebastien suggested that I try out this new voicemail app from Orange Vallee, I was definitely skeptical. I've tried 3rd party visual voicemail apps before on Blackberrys and Android alike, and have always been disappointed. I've yet to try any on the iPhone though, and this promised a few new tricks so I figured why not.

The download is free and available here. Where the other visual voicemail programs floundered, this one shined. The most dreaded part about setting these 3rd party voicemail services up is the activation process. ON Voicefeed, like most other services, requires you to setup an account. This is done by entering in a tiny bit of info and authorizing it with a code that is sent directly to your iPhone via text...

NoVoiceMail Nixes Your iPhone’s Voicemail Button

Who in their right mind would want to get rid of their voicemail button? Apparently, at least a few people, that's who.

That's because a new jailbreak tweak recently showed up on the Cydia store entitled NoVoiceMail, and I'm betting some of you have already downloaded it.

What a perfect tweak for those of you who never check their voicemail, for those of you who never return Auntie May's repeated phone calls…

How to Forward Your iPhone Voicemails to Google Voice

Yesterday my iPhone notified me I had 14 voicemails within the last 6 days. Why didn't it notify me of the new voicemails as they came? I have no idea. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really pissed at my iPhone. Not only had I missed important voicemails that I should have received days ago, but it wasn't the first time this had happened to me.

Like every normal person of the 21st century, I went to Twitter and started bitching about it. Within a few minutes I received replies from people telling me I should let Google Voice take over my iPhone. I already use Google Voice but I don't want it to completely replace my normal line. Then someone told me I could actually replace my iPhone voicemails with Google Voice voicemails by forwarding my iPhone voicemails to Google Voice.

After doing a bit of research, this made complete sense to me and I decided to give it a go...

Yap Transcribes Your iPhone Voicemails

Yap is a new application available in the App Store that will turn your iPhone voicemails into a readable text. If you think listening to voicemails is a waste of time (I do), then Yap will be the perfect companion for you.

Google Voice already offers the option of receiving transcribed voicemails but not everybody has a Google Voice account. Yap is available in the App Store for free. Give it a try.