How to Get Free Visual Voicemail on T-Mobile Using ‘YouMail’

Once upon a time I unlocked my iPhone 3GS and used it on T-Mobile in order avoid AT&T’s more expensive service.

It was a decent experience, but two noteworthy flaws marred it. Number one; I obviously had no 3G-network access since the iPhone doesn’t contain the circuitry needed to piggyback T-Mobile’s 3G network. Number two; I had no access to Visual Voicemail.

Of course there’s no way to fix problem number one, that’s an inherent issue regarding hardware. Problem number two, though, is fixable.

In this video tutorial, I’ll show you how to use the jailbroken version of YouMail to get real visual voicemail on your iPhone for free…


How to get visual voicemail on T-Mobile

Step 1: You need a jailbroken iPhone, so if you haven’t done so already, hop over to our jailbreak page and learn how to do so.
Step 2: Download YouMail from Cydia
Step 3: Navigate to your Phone app, and tap the ‘YouMail’ tab to setup your visual voicemail.

Following these steps will essentially bypass your carrier-based voicemail in favor of YouMail. You can visit YouMail’s website to learn more about the service. The core features are free, but there are some premium only features you can acquire for a small yearly fee.

If I was still on T-Mobile, I’d jump on this in two shakes of a donkey’s tail. What about you?