How to recover deleted voicemails on your iPhone

Everyone has done it at least once. You listen to a phone message, and either you don’t think you’ll need to listen to it again, or you accidentally hit the delete button, and you’ve lost the message forever. Or maybe not…

Apple must have known that we’d all be a bunch of delete-happy maniacs that have message-erasing remorse at some point in our lives. The good news is that there is a way to undelete and recover voicemails, and we’re going to tell you how.

Voicemail screen on iPhone

How to undelete a voicemail on iPhone

If you’ve just accidentally deleted a Voicemail on your iPhone, don’t worry, you can still save your job, your relationship, or whatever that important message can do for you. Here’s how:

  1. In the Phone app, tap the Voicemail icon at the bottom-right of the screen.
  2. Scroll down and tap Deleted Messages at the bottom.
  3. Select the message you want to rescue to highlight it.
  4. Tap the Undelete icon.
Undelete Voicemail on iPhone

Repeat the same steps for any other voicemail messages you’d like to recover.

The message will automatically be recovered and added back to your Voicemail section, where you can listen to it over and over again.

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