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Chrome 27 for iOS is out with conversational voice search, faster reloading

Boy, today must be the day to update your iOS apps. Hot on the heels of major updates for both WordPress and Google Drive comes a new version of Chrome. The update, which brings the app to version 27, includes conversational voice search and other improvements.

We knew Google was planning on bringing its Siri-like conversational voice search feature to iOS—it said so shortly after it added the option to its desktop browser. Now you can perform voice searches in the mobile browser, and get both visual and audible results...

Voice Search coming to Chrome for iOS soon

Google is on a roll these days. Hot on the heels of updating its desktop Chrome browser with Siri-like conversational search earlier today, the Internet giant just published a post over at the official Chrome blog confirming that Chrome for iPhone and iPad with voice search is "coming soon."

A Chrome update for the iPhone and iPad will be ready "over the coming days" and will let you speak your searches into Omnibox, which in Google's parlance means Chrome's combined search and address box.

You'll even get certain results spoken back to you, right in the Chrome browser - how cool is that?

Google Now-like conversational search goes live in latest Chrome build

Google Now-like voice search in the desktop Chrome browser is definitely one of the easily overlooked Google I/O 2013 announcements. There's no denying that it makes a hell of a lot of sense to unify Google's voice search experience, no matter what device or operating system people happen to be using.

Having recently added Google Now to its native Search app on iOS devices, the Internet giant has now enabled very similar conversational voice search capabilities in the latest build of its Chrome desktop browser for Mac and Windows...

5 excellent jailbreak tweaks to improve search on iOS

Searching is something we do day in and day out. It's an integral part of the desktop experience, so it only makes sense that it's something we do often on mobile devices as well.

Searching on the iPhone, while adequate, has always left a little something to be desired when compared to competing operating systems like Android. It only makes sense, considering Android is the product of Google — the creator of the world's best and most popular search engine.

If you're jailbroken, however, you have many more choices when it comes to search on iOS. There are search improvements for Spotlight, voice search enhancements, Notification Center search options, and much, much, more. Jailbreaking is a great way to get more out of your device, and that's why we've taken the liberty to compile a list highlighting some of the best jailbreak tweaks for search...

Ryan Petrich releases his own Siri inspired Google voice search tweak

Hot on the heels of another jailbreak tweak that allows you to search the new Google Search app using only your voice, comes Activoice — a similar tweak from Ryan Petrich.

Like the NowNow tweak that we covered yesterday, Activoice allows you to easily invoke the new voice portion of the Google Search app similar to the way that you using Activator. Take a look inside for our hands on video coverage of the tweak in action.

New jailbreak tweak supplants Siri with Google Search

Well that didn't take long. Just a week after Google's revamped Search app with new voice technology made it into the App Store, a jailbreak tweak has been released that will allow users to supplant it for Siri in iOS.

The voice recognition tech in the new Google Search app has received a lot of praise for its speedy response times and accurate results. And now, thanks to the new tweak NowNow, you can access it from anywhere...

Showdown: Google Voice Search v. Siri speed test


Google's recently updated Voice Search iOS app is simply amazing as it demonstrates just how speedy Siri should be. Unfortunately, Apple's digital secretary remains reliant on network connectivity for voice recognition. Heck, this time last year some folks were even convinced only the iPhone 4S was fast enough to run Siri. That couldn't be farther from the truth because Google's iOS app comes with real-time voice recognition. So, how speedy is Siri compared to Google's refreshed app? Check out this clip by Gizmodo and meet us down in the comments. It's a couple days old but definitely worth watching...

Google gives its iOS search app Siri-like voice magic

Google’s most advanced voice search has arrived on iOS! The company yesterday issued an update to its Voice search app for Android with new Google Now features for Android 4.1 devices. And today, the search Goliath has finally released a long-expected update to its iOS app. It brings a bit overdue iPhone 5 compatibility in addition to - and this is huge - the vastly improved voice search capability with artificial intelligence aspects akin to Google Now on Android Jelly Bean devices.

Give it a few more releases and this app is bound to compete with Apple's Siri. Also on tap are the usual bug fixes and a few other tweaks and enhancements. It's a free universal binary that supports all iOS form factors natively so make sure to update to the latest version. Jeff had a chance to take it for a spin, I've included his video hands-on right below...

Two months later, Apple still hasn’t approved Google Search update

Back in August, Google showed off an update for its iOS Search app that included its new Google Now digital assistant technology. It's the same tech it uses in Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean).

During the showing, the company said that it had submitted the update to Apple and was awaiting approval. But more than two months have passed now, and we haven't heard a peep...

How to use Google voice search from anywhere on your iPhone

VoiceSearch is a relatively new jailbreak tweak that allows you to perform Google voice searches from anywhere using a simple Activator action.

Obviously VoiceSearch can't replace all of the functionality that Siri brings to the table on the iPhone 4S, and upcoming iOS 6 update for the new iPad, but it is a somewhat decent holdover for non Siri-enabled devices...

Will Apple kill Evi over Siri? [Updated]

It looks as if things are becoming quite crowded and heated in the "virtual assistant" space.

A recent TechCrunch report says that Apple is planning to remove Evi from the App Store because it violates Apple's terms and conditions.

The violation? Evi is too similar to Siri...

OpenSiri: Launch Apps Natively Using Siri

Didn't we tell you? The floodgates are opening for Siri tweaks now that the iPhone 4S jailbreak is available.

OpenSiri is among the Siri tweak freshman class, and it allows you to launch stock Apple apps, plus Facebook and Twitter apps using nothing but your voice.

Check out our hands-on video of OpenSiri in action...