Showdown: Google Voice Search v. Siri speed test

Google’s recently updated Voice Search iOS app is simply amazing as it demonstrates just how speedy Siri should be. Unfortunately, Apple’s digital secretary remains reliant on network connectivity for voice recognition. Heck, this time last year some folks were even convinced only the iPhone 4S was fast enough to run Siri. That couldn’t be farther from the truth because Google’s iOS app comes with real-time voice recognition. So, how speedy is Siri compared to Google’s refreshed app? Check out this clip by Gizmodo and meet us down in the comments. It’s a couple days old but definitely worth watching…

As you can see, Google’s iOS app blows Siri out of the water, at least when it comes to the speed of voice recognition. Apple definitely needs to get its act together and enable offline voice recognition in Siri.

Even Apple pundit John Gruber noted as much:

How fast should Siri be? This fast.

Good thing the company has Mr. Fixer to take care of this.

By the way, Siri in the upcoming iOS 6.1 update will let you purchase movie tickets, but through the Fandango app rather than directly from its interface.

[via Gizmodo]