Tesla is working on adding support for Apple Music

Right now, Spotify is the primary way to listen to music when using streaming services in a Tesla, with no alternative options officially supported in the infotainment system. However, a recent software update appears to indicate the company behind the popular electric automobile lineup is working on adding support for other streaming services, including Apple's.

Tesla Model 3 iPhone wallpapers

Although being several years in the making, our Wallpapers of Week collection has rarely featured car-themed images. These Tesla Model 3 iPhone wallpapers represent a prefect cross section of technology and auto industry. I had to put them into gallery, given their high quality and impressive depth of field.

Apple reportedly bid to buy Tesla back in 2013

Back in August of last year, it was reported that Apple's plans to launch a car of its own were back on track and that we could see the automobile launch within the next five to seven years. Interestingly enough, it turns out that Apple may have had a different plan of attack back in 2013 that involved Tesla.