Tesla’s holiday update brings long-awaited Apple Music support

Aside from Tesla’s Apple Music support, the update brings thousands of Steam games to play in your car and a few other noteworthy improvements.

A blue Apple Music icon set against a black background
  • What’s happening? Tesla has added support for Apple Music to the infotainment unit of its vehicles via its holiday update that the company says is rolling out now.
  • Why care? Tesla’s new Model S and X vehicles now provide the ability to listen to Apple Music directly via the infotainment unit and play games from Steam.
  • What to do? If you own a compatible Tesla vehicle, the update is rolling out automatically so there’s nothing to do.

Tesla adds Apple Music support, Steam games

Support for Apple Music has been one of the longest-standing feature requests from Apple-centric Tesla fans. An official Apple Music app was actually spotted on the infotainment unit of a Model S in a museum exhibit as a test feature, but now it’s rolling out publicly as part of Tesla’s 2022.44.25 firmware. The automatic update should take a few days or weeks to reach all compatible vehicles.

Thousands of Steam games to play in your Tesla

The release notes for the 2022 Holiday Update mention other new features and improvements in the update, including support for Steam games. Tesla’s promotional video shared on YouTube showcases the Cyberpunk 2077 game running on the infotainment unit. Read: 10 cool Apple Music tips and tricks

Tesla Model S key fob

Tesla has offered playable games in its vehicles before, but the addition of Steam will greatly expand the number of titles available to play in the car, with “thousands” of games now available. Steam support is available on Tesla’s Model S and Model X vehicles from the model year 2022 or newer equipped with 16GB of RAM.

Light show with multiple vehicles

The holiday update brings other nice-to-haves and tweaks.

If you have a bunch of Tesla-owning friends (and who doesn’t?), for example, you can now schedule your own light show on multiple vehicles simultaneously “to create your own orchestra of light.” It’s now possible to make Zoom calls with the cabin camera and control the garage door remotely with MyQ from the infotainment unit.

Pet owners can now view the inside of their car in the Tesla app while using Dog Mode or Sentry Mode. The update also brings Track Mode to Model Y Performance. And last but not least, it adds Emissions Testing Mode to the Tesla app.