Apple Music is finally coming to Tesla

Tesla appear to have implemented Apple Music support in the infotainment unit of its vehicles. The feature will probably launch commercially via a future software update.

Tesla Model S key fob
  • What’s happening? A fan spotted a fully-functional Model S with Apple Music integration seemingly available through the vehicle’s infotainment unit. The vehicle was exhibited at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.
  • Why care? Owners of Tesla vehicles have been asking for Apple Music support, to no avail so far. But Tesla wouldn’t integrate Apple Music on an exhibit car just for the heck of it, right? We’re hoping this integration will soon officially launch.
  • What to do? You do own a Tesla, no?

Looks like Apple Music is coming to Tesla vehicles

Tesla fan Aaron Cash was lucky enough to spot this apparent integration during his visit to the Petersen Automotive Museum. In a video posted on Aaron’s Twitter, you can clearly see an Apple Music icon on the infotainment system’s display.

Touching the icon launches a screen with a QR code that must be scanned with an iPhone camera to authorize Apple Music. The process looks legit, and it seems to be an operational feature even though Aaron didn’t go beyond the QR code screen.

Considering other apps on the car’s infotainment display worked like a charm, including games and maps, it’s safe to assume that Apple Music has been integrated with Tesla cars. This could be a beta version or work-in-progress code.

When will Tesla launch Apple Music integration?

Thankfully, Aaron checked out the software’s About section and was able to confirm that the exhibited Model S was running version 11.0 of the software with a development version set to 2022.40.50.

By comparison, the current software version for shipping Teslas is 2022.40. So there you have it, Apple Music integration is definitely coming soon to Tesla cars.

Releasing Apple Music integration is a marketing decision at this stage.

In 2021, Tesla released a holiday update with several new features like a customizable app launcher and an improved blind spot camera.

If history repeats itself, then Tesla owners may get Apple Music integration as an early Christmas present. The only negative aspect of this news: It looks like Apple Music integration will require Tesla’s $10/month Premium Connectivity package. Read: How to fix CarPlay not working on your iPhone and in the car