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How to see your recently played songs, top songs, and other useful stats on Spotify

Two iPhones showing your Spotify stats like top songs and artists

Let us say you stumbled upon a new song on Spotify, listened to it, and later want to find what the track was. Spotify makes it easy to see your recently played songs and podcasts. Plus, with the help of third-party integration, you can get even richer data like your top tracks for the last 4 weeks, 6 months, or all time. The same goes for top artists and top genres.

In this tutorial, we show you how to see your Spotify stats on mobile and computer to understand your listening habits and revisit some past flames.

How to change a Spotify playlist cover image in the app and web

Change Spotify playlist cover image

When you create a Spotify playlist, the cover image is automatically made up of album artwork of the songs added to that playlist. If you don't like what you currently see, you can easily set any desired image as the playlist cover. Here's how to edit your Spotify playlist and use a custom image as the playlist cover picture.

Apple Music Voice Plan will launch with iOS 15.2

Apple's marketing image showing the Apple Music subscription plans: Voice, Individual and Family

Back in October of this year, Apple officially announced a brand new plan for its popular music streaming service, Apple Music. It's called the Voice Plan, and it's designed to benefit just a single user -- as opposed to the multi-user support in the other plans. The real catch is that it's voice-only.

Apple Music reveals the most played songs of 2021

As 2021 wraps up, there are "best of" awards to give out. And to show off just how popular something was as the year wraps up. Apple Music is doing just that as November closes out. The streaming service has already announced the winners of 2021, and now it's showing off the most-played songs, too.

Spotify is rolling out its real-time lyrics support globally

Green Spotify logo and text on a very light gray background

When Apple brought iOS 13 into the world, it brought with it real-time lyrics support for Apple Music subscribers. This meant, on supported songs, users could have the lyrics presented to them with fluid animation, keeping up with the song in real time. It's a handy feature, supported across different devices and Apple's platforms. So of course Spotify needed to get in on the action, too.

What is Private Session in Spotify and how to enable it

Green Spotify logo and text on a very light gray background

Spotify lets you follow artists and people. Similarly, others can follow you. By default, what you are listening to on Spotify can be seen by your friends and followers. But if you want to hide this, here's how to turn on Private Session. Plus, we also tell you its consequences and an alternative solution.

Apple Music celebrating Pride month with a range of content, artist spotlights, and more

With June getting started, it's Pride month. And, as is par for the course, Apple is using its resources to celebrate throughout the month, with its music streaming service highlighting a range of artists throughout June.

Apple has launched a dedicated Apple Music page highlighting Pride month, celebrating the LGBTQ+ community in various ways. The new dedicated page is launching with Pride month, and Apple will be highlighting different artists and genres throughout June. However, the new section of Apple Music will also be getting updated throughout the rest of the year, too.