Tidal music service picks up Siri integration but not on HomePods

You can now ask Apple’s Siri assistant to play songs and navigate music using the Tidal service on your iPhone or iPad, but it doesn’t work with Siri on your HomePod.

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Image credit: Omid Armin on Unsplash CC
  • The Tidal music-streaming service has picked up Siri integration on iPhones and iPads, allowing subscribers to request songs using their voice.
  • The feature doesn’t extend to Siri on HomePod and HomePod mini, meaning people can’t ask Siri on their Apple speaker to navigate songs on Tidal.
  • Major music services support Siri voice commands on HomePods, sans Spotify.

Tidal gains Siri integration on iPhone and iPad

The latest update to Tidal for iOS [App Store link] has brought out support for Siri voice commands. This lets people summon Siri on their iPhone or iPad and request a specific song or playlist from Tidal. This wasn’t possible before today’s update. If your iPhone is running at least iOS 14.5 (verify the version number in Settings → General → About) and the latest version of the Tidal app is installed on your device, simply ask Siri to play a song, playlist, artist or album.

You should be greeted with a Siri popup asking you to select the compatible music service that you’d like to use for this request. After approving the request, Siri will instruct the Tidal app on your device (or whichever app you chose from the prompt) to fulfill your voice request, and the music should start playing.

What other music services integrate with Siri?

Since Apple began allowing third-party music services to integrate with Siri, some of the biggest streaming services have supported the feature. The list includes such names as Pandora, Deezer and of course Apple’s own music service. Aside from Tidal, Spotify (the biggest music service) has yet to introduce Siri integration for its service on HomePods. Read: How to set your preferred music app with Siri

Does Tidal support Siri voice commands on HomePod?

Unfortunately, no. Siri integration in Tidal’s iOS app does not extend to the HomePod and HomePod mini. This was first confirmed by XDA Developers. It’s because of this that Tidal subscribers are unable to navigate their Tidal songs, playlists and more on their HomePods using the power of their voice like they can with Tidal’s iPhone and iPad app. Tidal has not indicated in release notes or on its social media channels whether integration with Siri on HomePod has been in the works and if so, when it might arrive. Watch this space as we’ll be making sure to keep you posted.