Apple Music Voice Plan will launch with iOS 15.2

Back in October of this year, Apple officially announced a brand new plan for its popular music streaming service, Apple Music. It’s called the Voice Plan, and it’s designed to benefit just a single user — as opposed to the multi-user support in the other plans. The real catch is that it’s voice-only.

Apple's marketing image showing the Apple Music subscription plans: Voice, Individual and Family

The Apple Music Voice Plan is designed to work with just a person’s voice. That means there isn’t any registered input from an iOS or macOS client. You’ll need to rely on Siri to get to the song(s) and artists you want to listen to. But, with that, you get a plan that’s half the cost of the standard one, set at just $4.99 per month.

Even with the price drop, Voice Plan subscribers will still have access to the full Apple Music library. That includes radio stations and playlists. And the plan is accessible from any Apple device (that supports Siri and Apple Music, of course).

Unfortunately at the time of the new plan’s unveiling, we didn’t know when, exactly, it would launch. Now we do. The voice-only plan for Apple Music will officially arrive with the public launch of iOS 15.2.

Apple just seeded the Release Candidate for iOS 15.2 earlier today. So it’s likely the public version will go live sometime next week. So if you’ve been waiting to try out this Apple Music plan, it looks like the wait is almost over.