Tesla is working on adding support for Apple Music

Right now, Spotify is the primary way to listen to music when using streaming services in a Tesla, with no alternative options officially supported in the infotainment system. However, a recent software update appears to indicate the company behind the popular electric automobile lineup is working on adding support for other streaming services, including Apple’s.

Twitter user “green” (@greentheonly) discovered additional “media sources” in a recent software update. These new sources aren’t available to actually use in a Tesla quite yet. But it does indicate Tesla is building support for these options so that, one day, they can be used. Not that this is a huge surprise, considering Tesla confirmed earlier this year that the music streaming service Tidal would be supported at some point in the future, alongside Spotify.

However, this is the first we’re seeing that Tesla is also building support for additional streaming services beyond those two options. Based on the report from Tesla North, the company is working on adding support for both Amazon Music and Apple Music.

There are references to not only Tidal, but also the other two streaming services in the latest software update for Tesla’s vehicles (version 2020.48.26).

As it stands right now, it appears that despite the hint that other streaming services are coming to the infotainment system, Tidal is likely still going to be first in the new batch.

When it comes to out-of-the-box integration, it’s actually Porsche and the company’s all-electric Taycan that features Apple Music. It’s probably a safe bet that whenever the Apple Car becomes a reality (if it ever does), it will have Apple Music integration, too.