How to disable suggested posts on Instagram

Instagram Suggested Posts Not Interested

Instagram offers a feature to help you discover something new called Suggested Posts. So maybe you’ll see a post from a similar account you follow and decide to follow that one too.

While many find suggested posts helpful for expanding their interests, others find them less than useful and even distracting. If you’d like suggested posts to stop appearing on your feed when you log into Instagram, we have good news and bad news…read on.

How to use the Instagram archive for posts, stories, and live broadcasts

Instagram Archive on iPhone

As you know, an archive collects historic items and Instagram provides you with an archive for your posts, stories, and live broadcasts. This allows you to hold onto posts you no longer want to display, stories that disappear, and live broadcasts that have ended.

The nice thing about the Instagram archive is that you can still relive those moments, reshare them, or get rid of them for good. The archive is under your control for the most part, with a few exceptions.

Here, we’ll show you how to use the Instagram archive. We’ll cover how to archive items, access your archive, reshare posts, stories, or live broadcasts that you find there, and any limitations you need to know.

How to receive a daily reminder to limit your time on Instagram

Daily Limit Reminder on Instagram

As we all know, social media sites and apps can be huge time sucks. You jump on to wish someone a happy birthday and before you know it, you’ve wasted an hour of your workday browsing your feed.

You can use tools like Screen Time to limit the time you spend on specific apps. But Instagram brings their own built-in tool to the app. This tool doesn’t technically limit the time you spend on Instagram but reminds you that you’ve been using it long enough.

Here, we’ll show you how to receive a daily reminder to limit your time on Instagram. But first, we’ll fill you in on how to see the amount of time you’re actually spending with the app each day.

How to manage your Instagram notifications

Instagram Notifications Screen on iPhone

If Instagram is your social network service of choice, then it’s important to set up your notifications. And with the flexibility and options, you can tailor your Instagram notifications to your preference.

From receiving alerts for likes and comments to IGTV view counts, you can get a notification for whatever is most important to you. Here’s how to manage your Instagram notifications on iPhone and the web.

How to see who viewed your Instagram Story

Viewers for a Story on Instagram

Curious who is looking at your stuff? If you post an Instagram Story, you can see exactly who has viewed it. But you only have a short time to do it. As you know, Stories are only available for 24 hours and then they’re moved to your Archive. So if you want to see who has looked at your Story, you have 48 hours to do so. Ready? Here’s how it’s done.