Instagram’s new feature will let you assign a moderator to manage live comments

Instagram is developing a new moderation feature that would let you assign a single moderator to your live broadcast to approve and manage comments live comments.

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  • Code evidence hits at a moderation feature coming to Instagram
  • A single moderator may be added to an Instagram live video
  • This in-progress feature could be scrapped at any time

Instagram Live moderators will approve live comments

Instagram creators have found it increasingly difficult to keep tabs on community comments while broadcasting their videos. To help with that, the Meta-owned service has been developing a new moderation feature that would allow you to assign a person to your live video with the sole purpose of approving and managing real-time comments.

The feature was first discovered by mobile developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi and reported on by iMore.

Paluzzi also shared a few screenshots on Twitter showing the interface around this in-progress feature. Since the feature is still in development, Instagram might eventually release it to everyone or decide to scrap it altogether depending on user feedback.

For now, only a single moderator may be added to a live video.

According to the feature’s description, video moderators will be able to “help manage comments” during streams. This should entail approving or denying comments, turning off the commenting feature, approving community questions, requests to go live and so on. Instagram currently limits video moderation to the person that started a live stream.

Instagram is also working on a like button for stories, Paluzzi has discovered.

On top of that, unreleased timeline options being tested could let people eventually choose which posts you’d like to see filtered in your main feed, with options available to only show posts from people you follow or from accounts classified as your favorites.

Instagram wants to rip off TikTok

Seeing how the likes of Snapchat and TikTok are serving teenage users who are less active on Instagram and Facebook, Instagram is now refocusing its photo-sharing service toward a TikTok-style entertainment and video platform.

“We’re no longer a photo-sharing app or a square photo-sharing app,” Instagram head Adam Mosseri proclaimed in a Twitter video earlier this year. “Let’s be honest, there’s some really serious competition right now. TikTok is huge, YouTube is even bigger, and there’s lots of other upstarts as well,” he said. Read: How to repost Instagram content

“We’re also going to be experimenting with how do we embrace video more broadly — full screen, immersive, entertaining, mobile-first video. You’ll see us do a number of things, or experiment with a number of things in this space over the coming months,” he added.