How to search any account’s tweets in the mobile Twitter app

Learn how to use the Twitter search feature to sift through all of the tweets from a specific account if you’d like to find the ones that match your search phrase.

Twitter gains a profile search button

Twitter has an option that restricts your search scope to a specific account.

Thanks to a new profile search button in Twitter’s mobile app, you can now dig into others’ tweet history. Twitter’s Search tab remains the place for conducting searches, including those prefixed with a “from: Username”. But now, there’s a shortcut available for account-specific queries. Read: How to create and use Twitter lists

Twitter for iPhone screenshot showing a profile search button
The profile search button is basically a handy shortcut to an existing Twitter feature

Those who want to continue using the main Search tab in the mobile Twitter app for iOS and Android to search for tweets from a specific user can do so as long as they type out a “from:Username” before their search phrase. But now, you can perform account-specific searches quicker simply by hitting a search button found on every user profile.

Doing so will basically add a “from:Username” part to the query to restrict your search to that particular account. Follow along with us as we show you how to restrict your Twitter searches to specific accounts. Read: Tips for using Twitter search like a pro

How to search for tweets from a specific user

To search tweets from a specific user, go to their profile in the app and hit the search button that sits in the top-right corner of the screen next to the three-dotted More menu.

  1. Open the official Twitter mobile app on your device
  2. Visit a profile page of a specific user, like @iDownloadBlog
  3. Enter one or more terms you’re looking for, then hit Enter

You will be presented with tweets from that account that match your search phrase.

Twitter for iPhone screenshot showing results of an account-specific search
Searching iDB

This is a faster way to search an account’s tweet if you’re already on the account’s profile page. It may also be a better way to search tweets across a specific account when the account in question has a complex user name that’s difficult to type out.

Can I search tweets across my own Twitter account?

In a word, yes!

Simply visit your own profile page in the Twitter app, then hit that magnifying glass icon, type out your search term and hit Enter. And just like that, you can find tweets you’ve sent that match your search criteria. So not only can you dig into others’ tweet history with the search feature in Twitter for iOS, but also your own.