You can now remove an Instagram carousel image without deleting the whole post

Meta Platforms-owned Instagram is bringing two new features to its fans in the US: A quicker way to report a problem and carousel deletion with the ability to remove a single image from an Instagram carousel without deleting the whole multi-image post.

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  • Instagram head Adam Mosseri took to Twitter to unveil a pair of new features
  • The first: removing an image from a carousel without deleting the entire post
  • The other lets you shake your phone to report an issue

Introducing Instagram carousel deletion

In a video post on Twitter, Mosseri said that the Instagram users in the United State will soon be getting a pair of new features. The first is the ability to remove a single image from your carousel, which wasn’t possible before. If you haven’t encountered it in your feed yet, an Instagram carousel is basically a post with multiple images.

With a new carousel deletion feature, you can delete a single Instagram image from an Instagram carousel without having to delete the whole multi-image post.

To do so, hit the three-dotted icon on the desired carousel post, then choose the Edit option. You can now navigate to the photo you’d like to remove from the carousel, then hit a new Delete icon in the top-left to remove the image from the carousel.

Carousel deletion is available on iOS, with Android support coming in the future.

What is Instagram’s Rage Shake feature?

The other new feature is called Rage Shake.

In the early days of the smartphone when the accelerometer sensor was all the rage, Apple used to actively promote a shake-to-undo feature which does, well, just that. With Instagram’s Rage Shake< you just shake your device and Instagram will pop up a prompt asking, “Did something go wrong?” Read: How to restrict a user on Instagram

Respond positively and you can then report an issue with the app.

“You can explain exactly what happened, how you ended up in that place and all of the emotions and feels that you’ve got going on, and we’ll have someone take a look at it,” Mosseri says in the Twitter video.

This is a much faster way of providing feedback versus having to hit your profile picture in the tabs lined up alongside the bottom to first go to your profile, then you have to hit the Settings icon in the top-right to choose the option labeled “Report a Problem.”