Why your Apple Watch may be slow and 17 tips to make it faster

Apple Watch on a light background with faint Cheetah showing fast speed

If your Apple Watch feels slow and takes longer to start workouts, launch apps, or navigate around, we show you multiple solutions to make it snappier. But first, let us understand why your Apple Watch is running slower and then the fixes to make it faster.

Note: This guide applies to all Apple Watch models, including Series 7, 6, SE, 4, 3 running any version of watchOS, including the current watchOS 8.

How to slow down time-lapse videos on iPhone and iPad

A person sitting with their feet on table, using an iPhone to record a time-lapse video of a dog starring through the window

If you enjoy using your iPhone for capturing video, you might also take advantage of the time-lapse feature. When you enable this setting for your video, what you capture is at a very low frame rate. So when you play it back, you can watch a 5-minute video in 20 seconds, for example.

However, you might not like the speed at which your video plays back. Maybe it’s just a wee bit too fast? While there’s not currently a setting to adjust this, there is a way to slow down time-lapse videos on iPhone using iMovie; here’s how.

Here are some things to check if your Mac is running slowly

Every computer, yes even Macs (there, I said it) can slow down over time if you're not maintaining it properly or if the computer suffers hardware or software issues.

In this post, we'll walk you through some of the things you can do to troubleshoot why your Mac might be slowing down, and some possible fixes. Hopefully after reading, you'll have a snappy Mac again in no time!

Hidden code suggests the iPhone 5S could record video at 120FPS

We don't know much about the next-generation iPhone, which is Apple is expected to introduce later this year. It's believed to be an 'S' model, with a faster processor and other upgraded internals. Outside of that, however, we literally know nothing about the handset.

But if past 'S' iPhone releases are any indication, the iPhone 5S will surely offer at least one 'stand-out' feature. The 3GS had video recording, for example, and the 4S added Siri. So what will the 5S' killer feature be? A new report says it could be slow-motion video...

Troubleshooting a Painfully Slow Cydia Update

Cydia NetDB Error

Sometimes it seems that Cydia updates can take forever. For slower devices, it may be normal. But if you see errors while downloading or if the update takes more than five minutes, there may be a solution.

Before you start this method, you will need to have APT Strict installed. If you have CyDelete installed, then you already have this. Otherwise, make sure Cydia is set to Developer mode, search for it and install...

Slow iPhone 3G? Apple Will Release a Software Update Soon

Some of you with iPhone 3G who updated to iOS 4 and up have noticed how performances have been degraded. The most common symptom is how slow you iPhone 3G becomes. Apple recently said they are looking into it, and in the meanwhile, we provided you with a quick fix that works for many of you.

A frustrated iPhone 3G user asked Steve Jobs about it:

Slow iPhone 3G? Apple is Looking Into it

Is your iPhone 3G slow after upgrading to iOS 4? You're not the only one. Apple's forums and tech blogs are filled with reports from 3G owners who are desperate for fixing the issues iOS 4 brought.

The most common criticism is that the phone is slow after an upgrade. There are also many complaints that the phone drains the battery quickly and becomes excessively hot. Concern about general problems such as slowness and battery life on gadgets isn’t unusual, but using iOS 4 on the iPhone 3G seems to make the problems so bad that the phone is nearly unusable for some people.

The WSJ was told by Apple they are looking into this matter and they might be already working on a possible fix.

In the meantime, if your iPhone 3G is running slow after installing iOS 4, here is a tip to make it faster.