Siri Remote

How to restart or put your Apple TV into sleep or standby mode

By now, you have learned how to use the new Apple TV’s task switcher, rearrange and delete apps on the set-top box, take screenshots, disable password prompts for free and paid downloads and more.

Our coverage of the device continues with this tutorial which will teach you how to restart your Apple TV or put it into sleep or standby mode using either its remote or by selecting an option in the Settings menu.

How to rearrange apps on the Apple TV

Rearranging apps on the Apple TV works much like it does on iOS. First you enter into “wiggle mode” and then you move the user-installed apps to your preferred location. The big difference here is that everything’s done via the Siri Remote’s Touch surface instead of your finger. Still, moving apps on the Apple TV is super-easy to do; we’ll show you how in our brief video walkthrough.

Here’s why you shouldn’t buy an extra Siri Remote at this time

The new Apple TV went on sale today, and Apple is pushing several accessories to go along with the launch. We outlined some of the more interesting accessories in this post, but I wanted to talk a bit more about the Siri Remote.

The Siri Remote is, of course, bundled with all new Apple TVs. When you buy a new Apple TV, you get everything that you need to get started in the box.

Yet, Apple is selling the Siri Remote as a separate purchase as well.

This intrigued me for several reasons—first, the Siri Remote is actually more expensive than a base configuration Apple TV itself. The Siri remote is $79. The new Apple TV with 32GB of storage is $149 and includes a Siri Remote. Simple math says that without the Siri Remote, the new Apple TV is $70. Obviously, the pricing semantics aren’t that simple, but you get what I’m trying to say here.

But far more important than price, is the fact that you cannot connect more than one Siri Remote at a time. That’s right, only one Siri Remote may be connected to an Apple TV at any given time. That means no multiplayer games using multiple Siri Remotes, or anything else of the sort. For this reason, you should skip the extra Siri Remote purchase at this time.

New Apple TV accessories: which ones should you order?

Along with being able to order the new Apple TV, you can also order several new accessories to go along with your shiny new set top box. There aren’t a ton of accessories immediately available for the new Apple TV, but some of the ones that are available may be worthy of your consideration.

There are a few key accessories that Apple is promoting on its online store during the new Apple TV checkout process: the Siri Remote, Remote Loop, and the SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Controller. Should you consider buying any of these in addition to your new Apple TV?

Teardown: new Apple TV + Siri Remote

Following the teardown analysis of Apple’s fourth-generation iPad mini, repair wizards over at iFixit have torn apart the new Apple TV and its Bluetooth-based Siri Remote with touch trackpad.

The new box has a high repairability score thanks to a fairly modular design and just a few major components, which simplifies repair. It’s also a half-inch taller and more than fifty percent heavier than the third-generation model.

On the inside, it features a beefier heatsink and power supply to support the speed monster that is the dual-core A8 microchip with 2GB of RAM, clocked at 1.8GHz.

More details on the new Apple TV revealed

Apple TV dev kits are trickling into developers who participated in the dev kit lottery last week. Apple is providing some developers with an early look at the new Apple TV hardware by giving away full blown developer kit models, which come complete with a new Apple TV, Siri remote, and all of the other accessories necessary to use the next-gen set top box.

Although the verbiage surrounding the dev kits made it seem as if developers should be extra hush-hush about the kit, many new details have started to leak out about the 4th generation Apple TV. What can we expect from Apple’s upcoming streaming and gaming device?

Why requiring games to support the Apple TV remote is the right decision

As first brought to our attention by MacRumors’ Juli Clover, Apple is requiring that games created for the Apple TV must support the Apple TV remote. This means that developers cannot create games that require an external Bluetooth controller to play, although games can use Bluetooth controllers as an alternative means of control.

While this may sound a bit harsh on the part of Apple, seeing that some games feature control schemes that are more ideal for a traditional controller, I think that it’s the right direction. How frustrating would it be for a user to download a game, only to find out that they can’t play the game due to not having the necessary hardware? And how frustrating would it be to browse the App Store, and see tons of games that have prerequisites for a piece of hardware that didn’t come bundled with the Apple TV?

This might not sit well with some developers and some gamers, but it’s the right decision for the greater good.

Somewhat unbelievably, the wrist strap for Siri Remote is an accessory sold separately

At long last, the new Apple TV will allow users to download apps from a dedicated App Store and—yes—games! But the Apple TV’s sleek new Siri Remote has the Wiimote problem: it can smash your TV.

So what do you do if you’re afraid of accidentally flinging the Siri Remote into your big screen TV when playing games like Beat Sports, which requires you to swing the remote? Get Apple’s Remote Loop which, somewhat unbelievably, isn’t bundled with the new set-top box—it’s an accessory sold separately.

Siri Remote for the new Apple TV will be available in just eight countries

One of the best features of the new Apple TV, in my personal opinion, is its redesigned remote with Bluetooth 4.0 and built-in dual microphones for Siri functionality. Too bad not all buyers will be allowed to enjoy the new Siri Remote, as Apple is calling it.

According to the company’s official documentation for developers, the new Siri Remote is available in just eight key markets like the United States, United Kingdom and Germany, to name a few. Apple TVs in all other countries will be packaged with the standard remote.