How to quickly go back where you were after accidentally scrubbing on Apple TV remote

Apple TV Siri remote in hand

You’re sitting on your couch watching a movie. You reach for the Siri remote to adjust the volume, and once again, you accidentally scrub forward or backward when your finger touches the Touch surface. Now you’re struggling to scrub back where you were until you find the right spot.

If you own the new Apple TV, you have most likely faced this annoying situation several times. Thankfully, a quick press of a button can fix this problem and take you right back where you were before you accidentally scrubbed.

For all that’s great about the new Apple TV Siri remote, I can count just as many things that are annoying to me, or that compromise on user experience for the sake of beautiful design. But I guess I am digressing.

This cool tip comes compliments of Let’s Talk iOS listener Stephaughn Alston:

Accidentally scrubbed backward or forward? Simply press the Menu button once and you will be directly brought back where you were in the movie. It’s simple, but until someone tells you about it, it might not be very obvious. I know it wasn’t for me.