How to listen with spatial audio on AirPods Pro

The awesome AirPods Pro spatial audio feature lets you create an immersive 3D sound experience so that it seems as if the sound is emanating from all around you, even as your head or device moves. Follow along with us as we show you how to use spatial audio with your AirPods Pro for Movies and TV Shows, as well as adjust the feature's settings to your liking.

How to report incorrectly matched Shazams

You can report Shazam songs that are identified incorrectly, a great way to not only improve your experience but also help make the app better for everyone. Follow along with us as we show you how to report Shazam songs when you think the app has produced wrong matches.

The quickest ways to use Shazam on your Mac

Shazam in Menu Bar on MacBook

Shazam is an awesome app for song recognition. You can use it on your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. So when you want to shazam a song, you can do it on any device.

The key to using Shazam to identify a song you hear is its quickness. Tap or click that Shazam button and then get details for the tune in seconds. And while you can certainly open the app on your Mac and click the button, by the time you do that, the song could be over. That’s why you have better options.

Here are the quickest ways to use Shazam on your Mac.

The 5 best music apps for Apple Watch

Apple Watch Music Apps

When it comes to music, we all have our favorite artists, genres, and songs. And along with those, we have favorite apps for listening to those tunes we love.

If you’re an Apple Watch wearer, then keeping music apps on your wrist lets you listen on-the-go, control tunes on your iPhone, Mac, or PC, and identify songs you hear with a tap.

Not sure where to start? Here are the five best music apps for your Apple Watch, in no particular order.

How to get six months of Apple Music free, thanks to Shazam

Shazam Real-Time Song Lyrics Scrolling

Through New Year's Eve, you can get a six month subscription to Apple Music for free when using Apple's Shazam app. Apple's running a special promotion for Shazam users in the US, UK, and Canada - and they're even giving an incentive for folks with lapsed Apple Music memberships. Here's how the deal works.

Shazam is the app that identifies what music you're hearing. It's great for figuring out which tracks are playing in movies, advertising or when you're out and about and you hear a song you really love. Apple announced plans to acquire Shazam in 2017. Since then the software's been updated with new features and even went ad-free.

As reported by Macworld UK, this isn't the first time Apple's used Shazam to promote Apple Music - in fact, this promotion is similar to one that Apple offered over Black Friday. And just like then, if you've had an Apple Music subscription but you let it lapse, you can resubscribe and get three free months.

How to get six free months of Apple Music

1) Download and install Shazam from the App Store.

2) Tap on Shazam to open it.

3) Tap on the Library icon in the upper left hand corner.

4) Look in Recent Shazams for "Limited Time Only: Get up to 6 months free of Apple Music."

5) Tap on the Try Now button and sign up.

6) Tap on Try It Free. Tap on Confirm.

Bear in mind that you won't see the promotion if you're already an Apple Music subscriber, so if you're currently using Apple Music and you don't see this in your Recent Shazams library or anywhere else in the app, it's because Apple already knows you subscribe to Apple Music.

There's a loophole, however: If you cancel your subscription and then fire up Shazam, you should see the promotion, and then be eligible for the three-month restart deal. It's worth a try if you'd like to save yourself almost $30.

After the promotional period, Apple Music returns to its regular price: $9.99 per month, or $14.99 per month for a family subscription.

So did you get the free deal? Is it incentive enough for you to restart Apple Music after letting lapse? Sound off in the comments and let me know what you think.

How to get real-time song lyrics with Shazam and sing along

Shazam Real-Time Song Lyrics Scrolling

Getting lyrics to a song you love is easy with apps, iTunes, or even Google. The problem is, if you’re already listening to the song, you need to search through the lyrics you find to the part of the song that’s currently playing. Not always helpful, is it?

If you use Shazam to identify songs you’re listening to, you can also use it to get real-time lyrics. This means with a tap you can be taken directly to the lyrics at that exact part of the song. In addition, the lyrics scroll as the song plays. So, you can sing along easier than ever.

Here’s how to get real-time song lyrics with Shazam.